The six hidden costs of a car purchase

Buying a vehicle is an investment, and like any investment, it will be expensive. Even before proceeding with such a transaction it is necessary to recognize that it will be expensive. Not only will you pay the price you see on the label at the dealership, but you must also consider several additional expenses that […]

Mortgage Rates Of Second Rang

Second mortgage rates vary across the country. Among the larger cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal), you may find that rates and fees are consistent. However, elsewhere in Canada, second mortgage rates tend to fluctuate. Who are the second lowest mortgage lenders in Canada? Usually, second mortgage lenders are private lenders. This is because regulated banks […]

How to obtain an agricultural mortgage

Canada is and has always been dedicated to its farming communities. Although the rural population lives mainly in our three prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, there are ranches, nurseries, agricultural co-operatives and farms across the country. Prince Edward Island, for example, is known to supply about 25% of Canada’s potatoes and Quebec has […]