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Gregory's Full Name:
Gregory Neale Harrison

May 31, 1950

Catalina Island, California

Hair color:
Dark curly brown.

Eye color:


Randi Oakes (former model and "CHiP's" star), married since 1980.

Four Children:
Emma, Lily, Kate, and Quinn

Gregory's Parents:
Ed and Donna divorced when he was 14.

Gregory's Brother & Sister:
Christopher and Kathleen, both are artists.

Favorite Food:
Fish (any kind), sushi (Japanese style raw fish) and salads with strips of chicken.

Favorite Music:
Jackson Browne, Eagles, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Blondie - Bach and Beethoven too!

Favorite TV shows:
Taxi and any PBS specials!

Favorite sports:
Surfing (he's a total fanatic about the sport!) and golfing.

Worst time in Gregory's life:
In the Army. "I refused a lot of direct orders", Harrison admits today, more than 2 decades after his service stint. Because of his stand, "they didn't want me associating with the other soldiers", Greg says, and he was first placed in a psychiatric ward, then a room of his own. It was the worst time of his life, but he learned from it. "They tried to break me by putting me in there with a bunch of people who were really out of their minds", thoughtful Greg remembers, "but I survived. And after surviving that, there was no stopping me!" (And by the way, the actor finally did get an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector.)

Favorite Pastimes:
Reading the political news and keeping in shape. His gym includes weights with weight benches, slant boards and mats.

What Gregory did before he made it as a big star and heartthrob:
"I played the royal fool in one of those Elizabethan eating and drinking places that were so popular for a while. The idea was to get the customers drunk enough to throw food at you. You wound up that evening covered with food and were paid 20 bucks. The worst part was that during each show I pulled some stunt for which I was 'punished' by being locked in the stocks. Then the women in the audience were invited up to kiss me. And if you have never been kissed by 60 or 70 drunken women, you haven't lived. I also worked as a delivery boy, I started my own window washing route and I worked in construction," said Greg.

Who discovered Gregory's acting talent?
One night when Gregory was working in amature theater, doing a production called 'The Fantasticks', veteran actor Jason Robards was in the audience. Impressed, Robards went backstage. "If you work your butt off and keep your nose clean, you've got a future as an actor", Robards told him. Harrison was inspired. Not long after he told his dad: "I know what I'm going to do the rest of my life. I'm going to be an actor."

Most unforgettable movie role:
"Fresno", in which I was always shirtless. "It was a parody of 'Falcon Crest', "Harrison says. "My bare upper body was a joke. Sometimes I had to change my shirt. By that I mean I'd take off one shirt that I was carrying draped over my shoulder and I'd replace it with another shirt--draped over my shoulder."

Gregory wishes he had a...
Musical career in addition to his acting. He has written many songs, and he sings very well.

Why did Gregory go into acting?
"I always had a powerful imagination. When I was five or six I had a hat rack on the wall - it must've had 15 hats on it - and every one was very different from the next. A baseball cap, a fireman's hat, a construction worker's helmet, a boat captian's hat, and I would decide each morning who I wanted to be when I went to school that day. It would take me two or three minutes to decide."

Where does Gregory live?
Gregory & Randi live on the bananna coast of Oregon. "If I were single, I wouldn't want to be in Oregon", Harrison said. "But when our first child was 5, we looked around for the perfect place to live. I was doing a film in Portland, and I'd never seen anything as beautiful as the country around there."

And why isn't Randi working?
"Randi is a mom and loves it", Harrison said. "She made that choice after our first child and asked me if I minded if she didn't work. She was never really fulfilled by the job, she said. As for me, I'm working harder now, because she had a considerable income," Greg said.

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