10 biggest celebrities who have appeared on the show

Now that It’s us has finished its run, chances are stars like Sterling K. Brown and Mandy Moore will earn Emmy nominations. It’s us has made its household names, but the show’s strong crop of talent doesn’t end there, as many top celebrities from TV, film, news, and even music have made appearances.

Whether the celebrities appear as upgraded versions of themselves or take on episodic or recurring character roles pivotal in the lives of the Pearson family, they’re all big draws. that they appeared on It’s us is just one more testament to the overall strength of the series.


Brad Garret

Justin Hartley and Brad Garrett in This Is Us

It’s us might be a family-oriented drama, but many actors known for their comedy work also appeared. In one of the series’ very first episodes, Brad Garrett, best known for his Emmy-winning work on the long-running sitcom Everybody loves Raymondmakes an appearance in Kevin’s storyline.

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Garrett’s character is a very tough and hot-tempered network executive who was given the unenviable task of managing Kevin after his outburst on the set of The Manny. Since Garrett’s work has mostly consisted of various comedic roles, this brief appearance in episode two was a real departure for him.

Phylicia Rashad

Another Emmy-nominated actor widely known for his work on a classic sitcom appears in It’s us, but this actor is also a multiple Tony winner. Phylicia Rashad is an incredibly accomplished actress with decades of work in her filmography, but most viewers know her best for her work as Clair Huxtable in The Cosby Show.

In It’s usRashad portrays another tough but loving matriarch as she is introduced as Beth’s mother, Carol Clarke, in Season 3. Rashad’s work on the show earned her three Emmy nominations, though she only appears only in four episodes, which is another testament to the high caliber of his performance.

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal in This Is Us

At the start of Season 1, Kevin’s career is truly in flux as he begins to chafe under the pressure of being a top TV star. Enter her no-nonsense agent, as portrayed by the legendary Katey Sagal, to try and clean up her messes.

Sagal has had an incredibly versatile career, with work ranging from raunchy sitcom Married with children to the drama darker than dark Sons of Anarchy. Good that she It’s us The character only appears in one episode, she still makes quite a lasting impression due to her outspokenness and Sagal’s on-screen presence.

Katie Couric

Katie Couric in This Is Us

While many famous people who appear in It’s us are actors who play important roles, sometimes there are celebrities who have appeared as themselves. Many of these celebrities are affiliated with NBC, since the six seasons of It’s us broadcast on the Peacock Network, including former NBC anchor Katie Couric.

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Couric is yet another actor whose “character” exists in Kevin’s celebrity orbit, but with a real twist. Couric appears as an enhanced version of herself to interview a struggling Kevin during a disastrous dream sequence, in which she castigates him for his inappropriate professional behavior and failure as a stage actor.

Dule Hill

Milo Ventimiglia and Dule Hill behind the scenes of This Is Us

One of the biggest stars to appear in It’s us only appeared in the penultimate episode. “The Train” follows what happens as Rebecca nears death and reconnects with the people most important to her in the afterlife. Along with this story, viewers can witness what happened to Jack Pearson when the Pearson family house burned down.

That night, Jack met another struggling dad named Kenny Brooks, who is played by the legendary Dule Hill. Hill is known for his work on series such as The west wing, Psych, Combinationsand The good yearsand he has also been a mainstay in the film and theater world.

Ron Howard

Ron Howard in This Is Us

Kevin’s shifting career brings the most unexpected celebrity faces to the show, even when it’s just showing those celebrities working behind the camera. During the first two seasons of It’s usdirector (and former sitcom star himself) Ron Howard appears as himself as the director of a new war drama movie that Kevin is starring in.

Retaining some of the dry spirit of his years as the narrator of Development stoppedHoward shares scenes with Kevin that set an interesting new tone for the show, as he’s one of the first real mentor characters that the struggling Pearson has after losing his father.

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers in This Is Us

Some of the biggest names to appear in It’s us only brief cameos, no matter how ridiculous the scenes might look in retrospect. In Season 1, Kevin and Randall argue on the streets of New York and end up physically fighting on the sidewalk, rolling in the dirt like children.

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Enter Seth Meyers of All People. the old saturday night live The current talk show star and host recognizes Kevin and interrupts the brothers’ childish fight, asking if they need any help before walking away when Kevin says it’s just his brother. It’s a hilarious and completely random cameo that gives It’s us an extra layer of nerdy charm.

M.Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan in This Is Us

Howard isn’t the only famous director to appear in It’s us. A more surprising face comes in Season 4, when M. Night Shyamalan makes a guest appearance as himself in the episode “A Hell of a Week: Part Two.”

Shyamalan is another celebrity who enters the series via Kevin’s acting career as they work together on a new film project. He also praises Kevin for his acting talent and his future career, as well as some words of wisdom foreshadowing Kevin’s eventual resolution with his first love Sophie, who is featured prominently in the same episode.

john legend

John Legend in This Is Us

In yet another example of perfect NBC cross-promotion synergy, the world-famous singer and The voice Judge John Legend makes an appearance as himself in the Season 4 episode “Light and Shadows”.

It’s one of the briefest cameos in the series, as it mostly consists of Legend serenading Kevin and his current date with the song “Conversations in the Dark”, a single Legend released. in conjunction with his appearance in the series. It’s also one of the weirdest things It’s us never did since it’s really little more than a quasi-musical video dropped in the middle of a normal episode.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone in This Is Us

Thanks to the work of Milo Ventimiglia as Robert Balboa, Jr. in the Rocky franchise movie Rocky Balboa and their off-screen connection, Sylvester Stallone appeared as himself in Season 2 during production on Kevin’s war-themed film.

Both Kevin and Kate got to interact with Stallone, who they hailed as their dad’s favorite actor in a sweet meta reference. Stallone even provided the two Pearson children with comforting words that their father was proud of them, and also gave Kevin some additional acting advice.

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