10 horror movies that won Oscars

Since its inception in 1928, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood has awarded awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry. Winning an Oscar is one of the most prestigious honors a film can receive.

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Horror is generally not the genre of film that one associates with the Oscars. Horror movies instill fear and bring our worst nightmares to life, which doesn’t necessarily get celebrated or rewarded. However, there are many horror films over the decades that have won elusive Oscars, with some even making history.

ten Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) won the award for best actor

Dr. Jekyll won an Oscar

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the 1931 film adaptation of the 1886 novel The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Fredric March plays the main character, a doctor who experiments with drugs to unleash his evil side.

The film was released before the film was censored and was a big hit that garnered three Oscar nominations. March won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of the tormented Jekyll and the devious Hyde.

9 Rosemary’s Baby (1968) won the award for Best Supporting Actress

Rosemarys baby won for supporting actress

Rosemary baby is a psychological thriller that centers on Rosemary Woodhouse, played by Mia Farrow, a young mother who believes her elderly neighbors are part of a satanic cult. Ruth Gordon, who played Minnie Castevet, one of the neighbors, won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Rosemary baby has been billed as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. It was even recognized for its cultural significance by the Library of Congress and was selected for preservation in 2014, in the National Film Registry.

8 The Exorcist (1973) won the award for best adapted screenplay

The Exorcist won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay

Despite the cast of unknown actors, and a plague of misfortune during production, The Exorcist remains one of the greatest horror films ever made. It received mixed reactions from audiences, and yet it has become one of the highest grossing horror films of all time.

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It was nominated for ten Oscars and became the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture. While the film did not win the Best Picture award, it did win the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay and Best Sound.

7 The Omen (1976) won the award for best original music

The Omen won an Oscar

The omen was one of the highest grossing films of 1976, despite a mixed reception. The Thorns are a young couple ready to welcome their first child. When the baby dies at birth, unbeknownst to the mother, Mr. Thorn adopts another baby to replace their dead child.

The couple name the child Damien and after a series of unfortunate and suspicious events, they come to suspect that Damien is the Antichrist. The film won the Oscar for Best Original Music and spawned several episodes, including a remake in 2006.

6 Alien (1979) won the award for best visual effects

Alien won best visual effects

Extraterrestrial is a sci-fi horror film about an alien being dropped into a spaceship. Sigourney Weaver plays the memorable role of Ripley, one of Nostromo’s only surviving crew members after the alien attack.

Although back in the days when critics weren’t so supportive of the sci-fi genre, the film won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and launched Weaver’s acting career. It has also grown into a media franchise with movie sequels, toys, comics, and more.

5 The Fly (1986) won the award for best makeup

The fly won an oscar

Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum, is a remake of a 1958 film based on a short story by George Langelaan. In the film, Goldblum plays a scientist who, after a failed experiment, begins to turn into a fly.

The film was praised for its special effects and makeup created by Chris Walas and Stephan Dupuis. Their work transforming Goldblum into a hybrid fly creature won an Oscar for Best Makeup.

4 The Silence of the Lambs (1991) won the award for best film

The Silence of the Lambs won the award for best film

Thesilenceofthelambs is an American psychological horror film that was considered a dormant success at the time. However, the film received critical acclaim, in part thanks to the outstanding performances by Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster.

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The film won the “Big 5” at the Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. It remains the only horror film to have won the prestigious award for best film.

3 Misery (1991) won the award for best actress

Misery won the award for best actress

Misery is the 1990 film adaptation of a novel of the same name by Stephen King. The film focuses on Annie Wilkes, played by Kathy Bates, an obsessive fan who holds her favorite novelist captive in her secluded home.

Bates’ portrayal of Annie Wilkes won her an Oscar for Best Actress. Stephen King even said that Misery is one of his favorite film adaptations of his novels. It is the only film based on a Stephen King novel to win an Oscar.

2 Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) won the award for great costume design

Dracula won the award for best costume design

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the film adaptation of the gothic horror novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker. The 1992 adaptation is a welcome departure from previous campy depictions of Dracula and, in essence, saves the character.

The film was nominated for four Oscars and won an Oscar for Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, and Best Sound Editing. It is the only Dracula adaptation film to win an Oscar.

1 Get Out (2017) won the award for Best Original Screenplay

Get Out won the award for best adapted screenplay

Get out is an American horror film, written and directed by Jordan Peele. The film focuses on Chris, a young African American man who travels with his girlfriend to visit his white family. The film takes a sinister turn when Chris uncovers some disturbing secrets about the family.

Not only Get out won the award for Best Original Screenplay, but it was also nominated in 3 other categories including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. It was a historic victory for Peele as he became the first African-American man to win the award for Best Original Screenplay.

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