10 times actors played younger versions of their parents

The apple does not fall too far from the tree. These children and adult actors were chosen by directors to play the younger versions of their parents. Whether the child has already stepped in the door of the theater industry, these children have walked in the shoes of their parents for a few scenes.

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While it is risky to choose actors just because they are the star’s children, it can turn out to be a huge success. The eerie similarities between children and their parents sometimes amaze viewers. Of course, this is something kids will need to hear about for the rest of their lives.

ten The Rock portrays a different famous wrestler in this’ 70s show

Dwayne The Rock Johnson in this' 70s show

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson first rose to prominence in the film industry with his starring role in the 2002 film The Scorpion King. He even has a hit show on NBC called Young Rock, which depicts his 10-year life in college. Prior to that, this former professional WWE wrestler and Fast and furious star made an appearance on This 70s show in 1999.

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The Rock stars as his late father, Rocky Johnson, who also made a name for himself in professional wrestling. Eric and his father meet Rocky backstage at a wrestling match and argue over who the autograph is for. Rocky then tells Eric and Red that his son will become a sports superstar in this hilarious moment in the show’s first season.

9 Michael Gandolfini played his father in the Many Saints of Newark


James Gandolfini is widely known for his role as Italian-American Mafia boss Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series. The Sopranos. Gandolfini died suddenly of a heart attack in 2013, six years later The Sopranos had ended. Her son, Michael, who was barely five months old when The Sopranos created, assumed the role of Tony Soprano in the 2021 crime drama film, The Many Saints of Newark.

The Many Saints of Newark acts as a prequel to The Sopranos and takes place in the 1960s and 1970s in Newark, NJ. Soprano is hardly a teenager at these events, and Michael does a great job portraying his lookalike father. The film also features actors Leslie Odom Jr. and Ray Liotta.

8 Michael Consuelos portrays young Hiram Lodge in Riverdale

Michael Consuelos plays young Hiram Lodge in Riverdale

Mark Consuelos, former All my children soap star, currently plays villainous Hiram Lodge on The CW Riverdale. There have been several flashback episodes throughout the series featuring a younger version of the character of Consuelos.

Michael Consuelos plays the young Hiram Lodge in several episodes. He is the son of Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, Michael had previously had small roles in lesser-known films, before playing his father in 2018. His mother, actress Kelly Ripa, also made an appearance in the series as Hiram’s mistress.

seven Tina Fey’s daughter thinks her show is too weird

Tina Fey's daughter plays young Liz Lemon in 30 Rock

Alice Richmond, Tina Fey’s eldest daughter with Jeff Richmond, created on her mother’s show, 30 Rock. Richmond, then 7, portrayed a younger version of Fey’s character, Liz Lemon. This cameo took place during the 2012 episode “Mazel Tov, Dummies”, where Lemon married her boyfriend, Cris Chross.

Richmond is currently 15 and surprisingly prefers his mom’s BFF show Parks and recreation with Amy Poehler on 30 Rock. Richmond finds 30 Oscillate “too weird,” Fey admitted in an interview with Seth Meyers.

6 Young T’Chaka makes a cameo appearance in Black Panther

Young T'Chaka in Black Panther

T’Chaka has been ruling the kingdom of Wakanda since he was a kid in the famous Marvel movie Black Panther. Viewers watch several flashbacks in Black Panther, one of which features a younger version of the monarch played by John Kani.

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John Kani’s real son Atandwa Kani stars as Young T’Chaka. Atandwa got interested in the acting industry very early on, thanks to his famous father. Previously, Atandwa made her stage debut in Shakespeare Storm and even portrayed Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long march to freedom.

5 O’Shea Jackson Jr. plays his rapper father, Ice Cube

oshea jackson jr in Straight Outta Compton

O’Shea Jackson Jr., also known by his stage name OMG, had the opportunity to play his father, O’Shea Jackson Sr., better known by his stage name, Ice Cube. OMG was cast in the 2015 biopic Straight out of Compton, Who illustrates the life of hip hop group NWA from Compton, California.

This is OMG’s first role in the film industry and he has been praised for his portrayal of his father. Watching the movie, viewers are shocked at how OMG is the spitting image of Ice Cube. OMG later starred in the movie Just mercy with Michael B. Jordan and is expected to appear in the Disney + Obi wan kenobi series.

4 Melissa Rivers did her mum justice in joy

Melissa Rivers plays her mother, Joan Rivers, in Joy

Melissa Rivers is the only daughter of comedian Joan Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg. Joan has had a long career in Hollywood at companies like The Joan Rivers Show and as a host for E! network Fashion font. Joan was also known for selling her clothing and jewelry line on the QVC shopping channel.

Melissa portrayed her mother in a short cameo in the 2015 film Joy. Joy is a biopic film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Although the screen time for the cameo was short, the role had a huge impact on Melissa, as her mother had passed away a year before.

3 CJ Wallace acts in his role of great notorious

CJ Wallace plays Biggie in Biopic

CJ Wallace Jr. is the son of Faith Evans and Christopher “The Notorious BIG” Wallace. CJ portrayed his late father in the 2009 biopic, Famous. CJ was only a few months old when his father, also known as Biggie Smalls, was shot and killed in Los Angeles.

The film begins with the murder of his father in 1997, but goes back in time for viewers to Biggie’s childhood. CJ was proud to accept the role and continued to act. CJ even started a cannabis company called Think BIG in 2019.

2 Indio Downey plays the younger version of RDJ’s character

RDJ's son plays a younger version of his character in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Indio Falconer Downey was born to future Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. and singer Deborah Falconer. Indio portrayed the younger version of RDJ’s character Harry Lockhart in the 2005 mystery murder-comedy film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Lockhart is a New York-based thief who accidentally lands an audition where he accidentally impresses the casting team.

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Lockhart finds himself trapped in a murder case with his former childhood crush, Harmony Lane. Indio has since led an incredibly private life. However, he is a drummer in a rock band called The Dose.

1 Vin Diesel’s son portrayed younger version of Dom in Fast and Furious 9

Vin Diesel and his son, who plays a young Dom in Fast 9

Vincent Sinclair is the only son of actors Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez. He first began his acting career playing the younger version of his father’s character, Dominic Toretto, in Fast & Furious 7. Sinclair reprized the role in the 2017 film, F9.

It was not his father’s idea that his son would play young Dom on the show. “I can’t take any credit for that. It was Justin Lin, the director,” Diesel said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. Diesel’s children grew up with the cast of Fast and furious franchise, and Vincent was able to further strengthen that bond by joining the cast.

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