16 actors you may have forgotten were criminal minds

The esteemed actors of the Criminal minds The cast not only had the honor of staring in one of the oldest and most beloved criminal proceedings on television, but also had the pleasure of sharing the screen with many guest stars who would become some of the most big stars of today. Considering how it performed for 15 seasons in total on CBS, you can only imagine how many future Hollywood heavyweights have appeared on the show. Here are some of the more recognizable names we’ve found after their roles in Criminal minds has escaped us completely, starting with an actor who is only a few years away from becoming a television licensee.

Aaron Paul on Criminal Minds

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Aaron Paul (Michael Zizzo)

In the first season of Criminal minds (when Mandy Patinkin was still on the show) Aaron Paul, 27, played a young man suspected of murder due to his involvement in a local group of Satanists who were tricked by the high school student who turned out to be the real killer. In 2008, the actor played crystal meth dealer and maker Jesse Pinkman on AMC’s breaking Bad, for which he won three Emmy Awards and a new reputation as a leading man on the small and big screen.

Dean Norris on Criminal Minds

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Dean Norris (Detective John Barton)

Speaking of breaking Bad Cast members Dean Norris is still best known to this day for his role as Hank Schrader – a devoted DEA agent and unsuspecting brother-in-law to famed drug lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – in the acclaimed drama. He was actually cast on the show when he was temporarily demoted to the police detective position for a 2010 episode of Criminal minds, on which his character helps the crew locate the latest victim of a serial killer with clues he strangely left after taking his own life.

Walton Goggins on Criminal Minds

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Walton Goggins (John Cooley)

Speaking of weird criminals, Walton Goggins received his only Emmy nomination (so far) for playing Boyd Crowder on FX’s Justified, which would lead to an increasingly esteemed film career that includes a villainous role in the Marvel films (namely 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp) and becoming a frequent actor in Quentin Tarantino’s recent filmography. Between his passage on The shield and join the Justified In the cast, the actor played a longtime friend of Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) who almost fell prey to a murderous priest (Carmen Argenziano) in a scary film Criminal minds Season 4 episode.

Sterling K. Brown on Criminal Minds

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Sterling K. Brown (Fitz)

Sterling K. Brown also became a Marvel movie star in 2018 after appearing in Black Panther, after his winning turns of Emmy on both FX American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson as Christopher Darden and NBC It’s us portrayed as Randall Pearson. Prior to all of that, in 2015, the St. Louis native appeared as a security guard for the United States Embassy in Barbados in a Season 10 episode of Criminal minds who served as the backdoor pilot for the series’ short-lived spin-off Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Mike Colter on Criminal Minds

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Mike Colter (Colin Bramwell)

Mike Colter would become a star of the Marvel TV show in 2015 after appearing on Netflix Jessica jones as the indestructible Luke Cage before getting his own eponymous spin-off and then reprising the role in the streaming platform’s crossover series, The defenders. Before this ephemeral but much appreciated phenomenon exploded his career, the Wrong cast member played a former special forces sniper turned serial killer hired by his former colleague to kill his ex-wife in season 9 of Criminal minds.

Evan Peters on Criminal Minds

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Evan Peters (Charlie Hillridge)

Someone who is also known for both Marvel movies (he was Quicksilver in the X Men movies) and Marvel TV shows (it kind of took over the role of Quicksilver when he joined the WandaVision cast) is Evan Peters, who would initially gain last name status as a series regular on american horror story since 2011. About a year before the premiere of this spooky anthology, the guest actor starred in Criminal minds‘sixth season as a young man who was kidnapped at the age of 8 by married murderers who would later make him their reluctant accomplice.

Finn Wittrock on Criminal Minds

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Finn Wittrock (Harvey Morell)

On the other side of that room, Harvey Morell was the willing accomplice of a killer named Caleb Rossmore (Jeff Newburg), with whom he shared an obsession with the Zodiac Killer, in a Season 7 episode of Criminal minds. Playing this young killer was recurring american horror story Actor Finn Wittrock, who will also add superhero TV shows to his resume when he stars as Guy Gardner – a member of the Green Lantern Corps – in the upcoming HBO Max original series based on the DC cosmic comic.

David Mazouz on Criminal Minds

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David Mazouz (Ryan Hall)

Speaking of DC TV shows, in 2014 David Mazouz had the honor of joining the Gotham portrayed as a young Bruce Wayne facing the recent murder of his parents for five seasons. Years before the premiere of the Batman prequel series, the actor also appeared in a season 7 of Criminal minds like a boy whose battle with leukemia sends his boxing champion father (Shawn Hatosy) into a murderous rage.

Cameron Monaghan on Criminal Minds

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Cameron Monaghan (Jeffrey Charles)

that of David Mazouz Gotham co-star Cameron Monaghan (who plays a particularly clownish criminal named Jerome Valeska) is also famous for playing Ian Gallagher on the Shameless Cast for 11 seasons. You could tell he had decent preparation for the older villainous (and Joker-esque) role when he landed a guest spot on Criminal mindsis a young boy abandoned by his mother who gets angry with three people by clubbing them to death.

Elle Fanning on Criminal Minds

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Elle Fanning (Tracy Belle)

Cameron Monaghan’s Jeffrey Charles nearly killed a fourth victim – a little girl named Tracy Belle, whom he lures into the woods before Mandy Patinkin’s Jason Gideon essentially saves her at the last minute. Tracy Belle played on Criminal minds by Elle Fanning, who – like her older sister Dakota – would go on to become one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, known for films like Super 8 from 2011 and for running Hulu’s Great interpreted as Catherine the Great.

Jessie T. Usher on The Mentalist

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Jessie T. Usher (Daniel)

If we could just revisit the stars of superhero TV shows for a moment, Jessie T. Usher is known today as the son of Samuel L. Jackson in Tim Story’s 2019. Tree movie and Will Smith’s son in the 2016 sequel Independence day: resurgence, but especially Amazon Prime The boys cast as A-Train. Before he got a lead role in anything, he had a guest spot on Criminal minds‘Season 4 two-part finale in which the BAU investigates a series of murders that lead to a shocking discovery at a pig farm in Canada.

Ariel Winter on Criminal Minds

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Ariel Winter (Katie)

Although better known as Alex Dunphy on the Modern family actors, Ariel Winter also has experience as a superhero, having voiced a later incarnation of Robin named Carrie Kelley in one of DC’s best animated films, Batman: Return of the Dark Knight, in 2012 and 2013. Years before the ABC sitcom made her a star, Winter was on the bill Criminal minds Season 3 as a young girl kidnapped and left for dead by her own aunt (Suzanne Cryer) who blamed her niece for ruining her marriage to her pedophile husband (Emmanuel Xuereb).

Melissa Leo on Criminal Minds

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Melissa Leo (Georgia Davis)

Oscar winner Melissa Leo (for the 2011 sports biopic The fighter) would actually make his superhero movie debut in 2021 with the original Netflix action comedy Thunder force. In Criminal minds The two-part finale of Season 2, the actress played a small town sheriff whose kidnapping led to the BAU’s first encounter with prolific serial killer Frank Breitkopft, played by Keith Carradine .

Julia Butters on Criminal Minds

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Julia Butters (Gabby)

Another notable kidnapping victim of Criminal minds is the main character in “Gabby”, the 16th episode of the show’s ninth season, which was also the film debut of then-5-year-old Julia Butters. The starlet would then land a recurring place on the Transparent casting, a lead role on CBS american housewife, and a memorable role of stage thief in Once upon a time in hollywood like Rick Dalton’s precocious Lancer co-starring.

Sydney Sweeney on Criminal Minds

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Sydney Sweeney (Dani Forester)

Companion Once upon a time in hollywood actor Sydney Sweeney also made one of his first appearances on Criminal minds as a young girl murdered along with her brother and mother by a serial killer specializing in wiping out entire families in Season 5. She would later be acclaimed after joining the Handmaid’s Tale interpreted as Eden Spencer, the White lotus as Olivia Mossbacher and on HBO Euphoria play Cassie Howard, to name a few notable roles.

Anton Yelchin on criminal minds

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Anton Yelchin (Nathan Harris)

Instead of the many notable roles that prove Anton Yelchin to be one of the most exceptional talents of his time (Green room, Charlie bartlett, JJ Abrams’ Star trek films, etc.), he gave one criminally underestimated performance on Criminal minds‘second season as a teenager with sexually sadistic tendencies. Sadly, Yelchin passed away in 2016 at the age of 27 when his Jeep Cherokee, which appeared to be in the park but was really in neutral, backed up and slammed him against the security fence outside his house. from Los Angeles.

People who work in law enforcement rarely forget the faces of those they are investigating, sworn to protect, or failed to save. However, if you are guilty of forgetting any of these Criminal minds characters and the now famous actors who played them, you are forgiven.

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