6 things you didn’t know about casting

Since the premiere of Netflix’s penultimate season stranger things hitting screens, it broke all sorts of streaming records. However, by Deadlinehe missed the mark against popular korean drama squid game, currently recorded as the most-watched show on the streaming platform. Nonetheless, credit for this unprecedented global buzz indeed goes to the showrunners, the Duffer Brothers, and the cast who brought a stellar cast of characters to life to carry the show’s energy. Of course, before these actors became the faces of stranger thingsparts of their acting journeys are much less known to fans and audiences.

Whereas stranger things catapulted the careers of some actors and made them stars, some well-known actors, like Matthew Modine as Dr. Brenner and Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, became great additions to the mostly young cast of the series. That said, as the series with an already long roster of characters in Hawkins draws to a close, the final season, as teased by the Duffer Brothers: shouldn’t have any additional new characters, and by extension, no new cast members. will join the cast of stranger things, leaving the audience the opportunity to become more familiar with the pre-existing members. While we wait for the fifth and final season, here are six things you didn’t know about the cast of stranger things.


6 Joe Keery’s sister pushed him to become an actor

Joe Keery stars as Steve Harrington, a charming boy best known for his work as a babysitter and demon slayer. It might surprise Harrington fans that Keery was never an actor at an early age and therefore never considered it a profession for himself. In fact, Keery’s sister, Caroline, pushed him to become an actor, and it was on her persuasion that he joined a drama club during his freshman year. From there, Keery continued to perform and hone his craft and simultaneously immersed himself in music. Following this, he joined a psych-rock band Post Animal as a guitarist/singer, until 2019. When the actor landed the role of Steve in stranger thingshe worked as a waiter.

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5 Gaten Matarazzo’s rare teeth condition nearly jeopardized his career

A fan-favorite duo, Steve and Dustin’s iconic chemistry is often reflected on the show through their hilarious exchanges. In stranger things season 4, Steve goes further during one such banter to tease Dustin about his teeth. Gaten Matarazzo indeed suffers from a rare dental condition that has long hampered his acting career. The young actor was candid about it in the podcast inside of you by Michael Rosenbaum. Gaten recalled several instances from his past where casting directors constantly told him they liked his performance, but he needed to get his teeth fixed or he wouldn’t have a chance in the industry.

4 Millie Bobby Brown almost quit acting

Millie Bobby Brown consecutively delivered several impressive performances, from stranger things at Enola Holmes, making her one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young actresses. However, before becoming a breakout star, she had her fair share of hurtful casting experiences. In an interview with Seduce, Brown recalled a “powerful casting director” calling her “too mature” for a ten-year-old girl. Brown also revealed that she almost quit acting after this encounter and was even reluctant to audition for the role of Eleven. However, her parents encouraged her to audition for the latter role, and the rest, as we know, is history.

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3 David Harbor fought depression

Unlike other young actors in the series, David Harbor amassed his fame and fortune in the later stages of his career. The actor was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 26, which landed him in an institution. After that, he tried to revive his acting career several times, but mostly as a journeyman actor, and eventually led an unstable life, often finding himself anxious about rent payments and utility bills. . These haunting circumstances tipped him into poverty-induced mental illness. Harbor revealed that even after winning the role of Hopper, he doubted the success of the series, but stranger things gained popularity, transforming his life for the better.

2 Joseph Quinn had a role in Game of Thrones

Eddie Munson from stranger things has become a fan-favorite character since the start of Season 4. However, before being a household name, joseph quinn had a partial appearance, of precisely two minutes, in the legendary game of thrones TV shows. In the sequence, the actor plays a soldier named Koner in Winterfell, who stubbornly refuses to let Arya Stark into the kingdom. Although it may have been a failure during the life of game of thronesfans are now digging the internet to see him in other roles that have been underrated.

1 Maya Hawke’s parents were against small roles

In stranger things, Maya Hawk plays the title character of Robin Buckley, a colleague of Steve’s who is never shy about speaking her mind. Hawke picked up his acting genes from his parents, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. The now-estranged couple have largely lived under the prism of public life and understandably are aware of the whimsy of the entertainment world, whether it’s paparazzi buzz or boring tabloids. Hawke revealed in an interview with The Guardian that thriving in such a life, her parents were not at all willing to approve of her acting career if she was only to play roles in their films or be taken with them to red carpets. However, when she voiced acting as her choice of profession, they backed her up. Her first role was in the 2017 BBC adaptation of Little woman.

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