7 non-fiction audiobooks for long road trips

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When you have many hours of driving ahead of you – especially monotonous and highway driving – what better than an immersive and informative audiobook to help make the trip faster? The seven books below, all released in 2021, are a great read, but are especially entertaining to listen to thanks to the top-notch storytelling.

Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption and Hollywood

Written and narrated by Danny Trejo

“I’ve always been part of a gang of sorts,” says Mexican and American actor and restaurateur Danny Trejo, 77, “even though they were five and six year old girls.” He opens his memoir, co-written by Donal Logue, with a story about himself, his cousins, and a dead cat, then notes that he and the girls – like everyone in his family – ended up in jail at one point. of their life. A troubled child who grew up in Los Angeles, Trejo became addicted to heroin at the age of 12 and was caught up in the violence and crime that led to years of entering and leaving prisons as Folsom and San Quentin. He recounts these inauspicious beginnings (“I always thought I would die in prison,” he says), as well as his journey to acting success. Now sober for 53 years and “the most killed actor in Hollywood history”, thanks to the many villainous roles he played (Heat, machete, from dusk to dawn), he is dedicated to helping others recover from addiction, including his two adult children. Telling in his deep voice, he offers a remarkably candid and often inspiring life story.

Listening time: 13 hours, 19 minutes (listen to an excerpt below)

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