9 actors who seem to miss their careers (but keep making movies anyway)

Boredom is a word rarely used to describe actors and their performance art, as most devote their lives to transforming themselves into endearing characters, telling stories of great depth and intrigue year after year. Even when some stars disappear from the limelight, they embrace the downfall and take the opportunity to branch out into new genres and take risks as an independent film actor.

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Former A-Listers like Nicolas Cage have carved out a place for themselves in new territories such as arthouse cinema. Still, there are movie stars who seem to accept their place in what some fans call the movie star retirement home; the direct video market. Others have kept a place among the bright lights, but put little effort into giving themselves something new and exciting to do.

9 The awe-inspiring action is a distant memory for Steven Seagal fans

Steven Seagal with a gun

While Steven Seagal’s filmography would never be categorized as having a variety of roles, the actor was once a leading action star. One of the best martial artists in cinema, Seagal rose to fame in the late ’80s and early’ 90s with his unique blend of combat disciplines and techniques, as these had rarely been practiced by a star in the world. American cinema.

In the early 2000s, however, Seagal was relegated to pure direct video fare, and it has remained there ever since. With each role he seems more and more selfless, and his fight scenes barely try to hide the fact that the actor is almost 70 years old.

8 Mark Wahlberg does well but rarely takes risks with his roles

The only time former Marky Mark seems to have fun onscreen is when he’s facing his friend and multiple collaborator Will Ferrell. Mark Wahlberg has made a career out of playing muscular heroes and although he has done some admirable undertakings out of the norm for himself, recent years have seen little variety.

Things could cool off for former Oscar nominee, Wahlberg set to star as Victor “Sully” Sulivan in upcoming Unexplored movie, and while the role arguably suits Wahlberg well, many are hoping he will bring more charm and humor to the role than his usual brand of badassery.

7 Fans crave more variety from Michelle Rodriguez

When it comes to women in the action genre, few can match the legacy and presence of Michelle Rodriguez. Best known for her role in the Fast and furious franchise, Rodriguez also played an important role in the Machete and resident Evil cinema. We can say that the actress has found her niche and very rarely ventures outside. Even when she does, it seems like she then falls back into her comfort zone.

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She’s about to star in the next one Dungeons and Dragons movie, and fans are hoping that the role will give Rodriguez the chance to show off his lineup and possibly put his stamp on another film franchise.

6 Boyfriend’s movies seem to be Rob Schneider’s only appeal

Rob Schneider in Adults

A number of Adam Sandler’s movie star friends could arguably make an appearance on this list, the group of Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider and David Spade reportedly made a pact early in their careers to stay. together, and they obviously kept their promise. Schneider is perhaps the most deserving of a place, the comedian’s career has declined to the point where his roles tend to be just pop-ups in his friend’s movies, and even then he’s rarely well received.

You could say that Schneider knows his limits, or that he’s just having fun playing alongside his friends, but the former Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo star could try harder when it comes to his acting career.

5 Gerard Butler makes a small attempt to turn things around

Scottish comedian Gerard Butler has made a name for himself as a Hollywood hunk with his sharp looks and impressive physique. He maintained a strong A-List presence despite regularly producing mediocre films, and he is frequently found playing the same badass in each of his films.

Butler undeniably offers the power and charisma of the star to direct low-budget films himself, and that seems to be what he just does. Paycheck roles may be a necessity for an actor, but Butler seems reluctant to take risks these days when it comes to adding to his acting resume.

4 Vin Diesel takes the same routes as Dominic Toretto

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five

You could argue that Vin Diesel’s star would have passed away a long time ago without the Fast and furious franchise. The Fast Saga itself got a big boost with the inclusion of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2011. Fast Five, and since then, Vin Diesel has seemingly outgrown his earlier successes, making little effort to vary his roles.

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Diesel’s other notable role in recent years has been as Groot’s voice in the MCU. Without the Marvel Talking Tree and The Fast Saga’s Dominic Toretto, Diesel’s filmography of the past decade is nearly empty, leaving only poorly received releases like Bloodshot and The last witch hunter.

3 Cuba Gooding Jr. traded finesse for familiarity

A heavyweight in terms of acting talent, Cuba Gooding Jr. won awards and nominations seemingly for fun in the 1990s. In 2003, things started to decline for the Oscar-winning actor, as his title role in Radio earned him a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor. Unfortunately, this appointment would not be his last.

Even though Gooding Jr. would still give excellent performances here and there, especially in american gangster and American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson, the actor became yet another victim of the direct video curse, frequently performing the movements in front of the camera and leaving audiences as bored as they appeared to be.

2 Liam Neeson continues to attempt to replicate the takes

that of Steven Spielberg Schindler’s list makes Liam Neeson a true presence in Tinseltown, and although a talented actor with decades of experience, Neeson was rarely considered a leading man until 2008 Taken catapulted him to the top of Hollywood’s action star list.

This blessing could almost be considered a curse, as many of Neeson’s performances in recent years have been disappointing, with the Irish actor essentially walking on water in an all too familiar pool of direct action video thrillers. That doesn’t look set to change either, as his upcoming projects all fit into the same locker.

1 It’s a matter of quantity rather than quality for Bruce Willis

The Originals: 15 superheroes born in the movies

Bruce Willis seems some distance away from his top box office days. His recent career is littered with live-video duds, and the actor’s bad reputation as an uncooperative and demanding presence on set hasn’t helped him maintain a grip on many Hollywood-caliber roles.

the Die hard The star, however, is to be credited with the impressive workload he continues to take on. At the time of writing, Willis has 12 films categorized in either filming or post-production, but that certainly seems like a sad case of quantity rather than quality.

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