Acting Boston Police Commissioner Gregory Long to testify in federal discrimination lawsuit

Long, who was then superintendent overseeing the Bureau of Investigative Services, said he was unaware of any issues with Gavin’s performance and was surprised when his direct supervisor, Captain Mark Hayes, urged to retire her from her new job after just two months. He said Hayes then sent him and other members of the department a flurry of emails over the following months indicating an ongoing conflict with Gavin.

Long said it was “not very nice” when Hayes sent a group email to Gavin, his superiors and subordinates in November 2016, warning him that he was transferring two senior detectives out of town. human trafficking unit despite its objections.

“Don’t call the mayor [Marty] Walsh to try to stop this transfer, ”Hayes wrote in the email, which was shown to jurors. “The police commissioner has already spoken to the mayor, and this transfer will take place. “

An hour after Hayes sent the group’s email, Long, who was superintendent at the time, said he received a private email from then-commissioner William Evans, who wrote: “I wish Mark didn’t. Y e-mail. It looks terrible and creates a paper trail.

In court Thursday, the second week of Gavin’s civil lawsuit against Hayes and the City of Boston, his attorney, Nicholas Carter, asked Long if he agreed that the email was “terrible.”

“I didn’t think it was necessary,” Long said, adding that Hayes had created tensions within the unit with the e-mail.

“Do you think this could have been viewed by his unit as a threat?” Carter asked.

“Yes,” Long said.

Long said he didn’t believe Hayes’ long email undermined Gavin’s authority with his unit, but said, “I wouldn’t have done it. This is not a good look.

Gavin, a 35-year veteran of the force and his only female lieutenant detective, has accused Hayes and the city of Boston of sex discrimination, creating a hostile work environment and fighting back against her after filing a complaint with Massachusetts Discrimination.

Gavin said last week that Hayes treated her differently from her male counterparts by performing secret audits of her cases, micromanaging her work and constantly undermining her with her subordinates and superiors. She said she was assigned to a cabin, making her the only lieutenant detective in the department without a private office for almost a year. After she complained to the union, an office was built for her.

Hayes, a 36-year veteran of the force, said earlier this week that he had serious concerns about Gavin’s job and believed she tried to use her political connections to circumvent his authority. He said he started compiling a diary, documenting her concerns, and filed a lawsuit against Gavin shortly after she filed hers against him.

As she testified for several hours on Thursday, Long, who had been acting commissioner for nine months, said Hayes broke police regulations by emailing Gavin’s colleagues in May 2017, announcing that she had filed an MCAD complaint against him. A regulation, Long said, prohibits employees from disclosing complaints in an attempt to encourage people to come forward and protect their privacy. Long said he told Hayes to stop sending Gavin-related emails.

Gavin and Hayes both continued to work at the Dee Kennedy Family Justice Center, where Hayes continued to oversee four units – including those overseen by Gavin – for two years after the complaints were filed, Long said. However, she was removed from her command and reported to an assistant superintendent.

Long acknowledged that Hayes continued to oversee detectives who worked in Gavin’s unit until 2019, despite concerns that detectives were bypassing his command and reporting directly to Hayes.

Gavin’s attorney asked Long if he had done anything to protect her from Hayes.

“There were a lot of different people involved in the decision-making process,” said Long, adding that Hayes and Gavin were transferred the same day in 2019. Hayes was transferred to headquarters, overseeing five units as head of the forensic division, while Gavin was transferred to the police academy to oversee the grading of new recruits, a job she later called a demotion that took her away from her passion for investigating police. crimes against women and children.

During questioning, Long admitted that a month after Gavin’s transfer, three high-ranking male detectives who had worked alongside Gavin at the Family Justice Center were transferred out of their units at the superintendent’s request. Sharon Dottin.

“The conversation I had with the commissioner at the time was that she [Dottin] felt they were being disrespectful and she wanted them to leave, ”Long said.

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