Actor and former NFL star Vernon Davis releases his first single “Smile For Me”

Former NFL tight end Vernon Davis played in the league for 14 seasons before retiring from the sport in 2020. After a successful football career, he transitioned into acting. He has also entered and judged reality competitions such as Dancing with the stars and Domino Masters. Now he is causing a stir in music with his debut single “Smile For Me”.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet caught up with Davis to discuss his new single, upcoming album and other projects he’s been working on, including a show with magician Criss Angel.

Vernon Davis attends Stefon Diggs presents Black On The Block DC at Franklin Park | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Davis’ debut single “Smile for Me” was inspired by a previous relationship

Davis released her debut single “Smile For Me” on August 23. The track, produced by Joseph “Jojo” Miller, was written by Davis who drew inspiration from a past relationship.

“I was inspired by a relationship I was in. Everyone has that relationship that they remember very well and for me, it’s a relationship that I had when I first came to Washington DC,” he explained. “It was something different. It was something that made me feel good.

“I started writing about it and that’s what you hear in the song. It takes the listener through the journey of a relationship from how it starts when you first meet someone until you meet them again and have the best date. Then one thing leads to another and you become more familiar with each other by the end of the date.

“Smile For Me” is now available on all major platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Music and Amazon.

Her second single is a collaboration with Tone P

Davis’ next album consists of 10 songs.

Her second single “Bounce Like This” will be released later this month. The former soccer star collaborated with Ernest “Tone P” Price on the track. Tone P produced some of rapper Wale’s early hits and worked with Jill Scott, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross.

The video for “Bounce Like This” was shot at FedEx Field, where Davis played the final years of his NFL career.

Music came more naturally to Davis than acting

Vernon Davis smiles on the carpet during the Juneteenth Honors Award Show 2022
Vernon Davis at the Juneteenth Honors 2022 Awards | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Davis has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest actors, including Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, but it’s actually the music that came naturally to him.

“Every time I hear a beat…I find myself very creative,” he said. “I can just find the cadence and the chorus right away. It doesn’t take me long to write.

His foundation and ‘Magic with the Stars’

In addition to her music career, Davis has recently been working on a number of other projects, including the upcoming reality competition series magic with the stars with illusionist Criss Angel. This show will be released later this year.

He is also the founder of the Vernon Davis Foundation which started in 2011. He opened an art gallery in San Jose, California so that local artists in the community “have a platform to showcase their work and feel comfortable pursuing the arts”.

Fans can track and follow all of Davis’ latest projects via Twitter @VernonDavis85 and on Instagram.

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