Actor Colman Domingo’s five favorite things at home

“Euphoria” and “Zola” feature Colman Domingo.

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Actor Colman Domingo’s performances help elevate any project he takes part in, from a zombie apocalypse saga, to a Gen Z cautionary tale, to a dark comedy based on an epic Twitter feed. The Fear the Walking Dead/Euphoria/Zola star is used to being spotted on the streets, but he never knows what project will betray him.

“Millennials are usually all about Euphoria and Zola,” he said. “The other day at my local Trader Joe’s I had my mask on and a young woman said, ‘Oh, I loved episode three of Euphoria.’ I was fully covered; I had a hoodie!” he said. “She knew me by my voice.”

When Domingo, 52, isn’t playing, fans can see his social side on AMC Bottomless brunch at Colman’s, as he virtually invites friends (including director Barry Jenkins and musicians Jon Batiste and Patti LaBelle) to his home for cocktails and conversations. “I started it at the very beginning of the pandemic when it was just, ‘How can I do something that brings people together?'” says Domingo, who was a bartender for 15 years. “It’s a talk show that’s not meant to promote anything other than conversation.”

Although his guests are clearly having fun, we can’t help but feel they’re missing something. just a little bit by not seeing his spectacular mid-century Los Angeles home in person. “It was built in 1964 by Jules Salkin for a doctor, his wife and two children. And he was from Philadelphia, just like me,” Domingo says. “I am the first owner after this family, so I feel like a caretaker of the house.”

The house is full of art objects and vintage treasures. “I’m a minimalist who loves maximalist gaming,” says Domingo. “So if I have a spare room, I like something fun, poppy, and quirky in the middle. My whole aesthetic, even the way I dress, reflects that…very classic and timeless , but playful.

Here are five of the actor’s favorite things at home.

IWC watch (1)

IWC watch.

Courtesy of Coleman Domingo

“IWC asked me if I’d be interested in a watch, and I thought, ‘Well, I’ve never been a watch guy. But I absolutely loved learning about it and how it’s built. I love how masculine and sharp it is. I had no idea people could see an IWC watch from a mile away. I went for a walk in the park one day in Pittsburgh and a passerby said, ‘Oh man, I love your IWC.’ I was like, ‘What? How do you know from afar? »

Ashtray Fratelli Mannelli Vintage (2)

Vintage Fratelli Mannelli ashtray.

Courtesy of Coleman Domingo

“I have a lot of ashtrays at home, but I don’t smoke. It’s Fratelli Mannelli travertine and it’s a beautiful job. I love travertine, it’s making a comeback. Fratelli Mannelli is an Italian company that was popular in the 70s. When you touch it, it feels rough. It’s not smooth

or created by laser like modern travertine.

Lamp (3)


Courtesy of Coleman Domingo

“Love the curve and shape of this one, the silhouette. This is my favorite lamp in the whole house. I got it from the Soho Home website, and they only had a few left. -ones. I often visit their site to get the good stuff. I almost don’t want to tell this secret!”

Artwork by Scott Kerr (4)

Artwork by Scott Kerr.

Courtesy of Coleman Domingo

“I found this store called Brenda in Pittsburgh. When I buy art, it has to hit me immediately and I have to feel an emotional connection to it. So I wasn’t looking for art, i walked around the shop and saw it and thought it was so beautiful this guy scott kerr is self made he lives in scottsdale arizona i love that this be contemporary, abstract, emotional and just black and white.

Louis Vuitton Cologne (5)

Louis Vuitton Cologne.

Courtesy of Coleman Domingo

“It has become my favorite perfume. I literally bought it and was like, ‘Well, that’s it!’ Their master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud is pretty awesome. I like fresh scents, anything clean and airy. This one has perfect grades. It’s strong, it’s iconic and it’s chic. And look, I also like the shape of the bottles.

This article originally appeared in the June 2022 issue of penta magazine.

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