Actor Siddharths Tweet opens Mulberry Diaries for us and we’re craving it now

When was the last time we had fresh white, red or black blackberries? Fresh blackberries from the garden are a thing of the past, at least in urban areas. Gone are the days when we could pluck them from a neighborhood tree and put it in our mouths on a lazy walk. Now it is an expensive fruit that comes in bundles. But the nostalgia remained. Actor Siddharth recently quoted the dark red fruit on Twitter and recalled his school years. Siddharth’s quote tweet showed a photo of juicy blackberries being sold on a roadside stall in Afghanistan.

Blackberries in a bowl

The original tweet read: “Shahoot. What do you call that?” Siddharth wrote: “Mulberry? I used to remove it from a tree in my school in Delhi. I called Shahtoot there too.

A flood of reactions followed his tweet. Many users have commented on their memories of blackberries.

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One user wrote that as a child they “never used to buy this”, but always plucked it from the trees.

Another wrote: “How times have changed. Used to pick it up and eat it or waste it. Now it’s coming in boxes.”

A third user said it was unfortunate that “people in the Delhi NCR area do not know its value” because “most of this waste falls on the roads”.

One user commented on the reduction of mulberry trees in North India and wondered “why”.

A few users have also noted the regional names of this fruit.

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If you’re in the mood for a trip back to the good ol ‘mulberry days, we’ve got a few recipes for you. Discover them:

1) Very Berry Khatta

This tangy drink has the punch of blackberries with orange wedges, pomegranate, grape juice, lime slices and black salt. Add a little kala khatta syrup and your fruity wonder is ready.

very berry khatta

This tangy drink has the punch of blackberries

2) Berry Kanji

The traditional drink uses fermented carrots but we can make it delicious with blackberries. Mix the frozen berries with spices like ajwain, black salt, and chaat masala. You can add a smoky flavor to enhance the spiciness.


. You can add a smoky flavor to enhance the spiciness.

3) berry and banana smoothie

Mix blackberries with other berries of your choice, mix them all with low fat yogurt, banana, orange juice and cinnamon. You are sure to have an explosion of flavors with this smoothie.


You are sure to have an explosion of flavors with this smoothie.

4) Nut, berry and beetroot smoothie bowl

You can boost the health factor by mixing berries, beets, oats, and nut milk in a healthy bowl. Add ginger and mint for flavor.

5) White chocolate parfait with berry compote

Perfects take time but this one is worth the wait. Once the white chocolate parfait is ready, prepare the blackberry syrup by heating the fruit with the sugar in a saucepan. Pour over and enjoy.

Let us know your favorite way to have blackberries.

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