After nearly 15 years, an estate dispute in showbiz is settled

– One of the “most contentious legal cases” in showbiz, like the New York Times The said, will soon be buried as James Brown’s heirs reached a settlement agreement last Friday almost 15 years after the iconic singer’s death. Brown’s 2000 will largely leave his family behind, leaving the majority of his assets to a trust that would provide scholarships to poor children in South Carolina and Georgia. Actors involved in the ensuing estate battle included five children, the estate of another child, three grandchildren and Tommie Rae Hynie, a former backing vocalist who married Brown while still married to someone from ‘other and whose marriage to Brown took place last year. ruled illegal by the Supreme Court of South Carolina,

The parties involved fought for control of the estate and fought against what they called a conspiracy and “illegal behind-the-scenes deals” to deny them their share of Brown’s copyright. After the death of a person, heirs have the right to terminate transfers of ownership (which songwriters usually arrange with music publishers) and to regain full ownership of the songs of the deceased, and estate attorneys believe that Brown’s termination rights are worth tens of millions. His heirs claim a share of the profits they would get if they controlled his copyright. The details of the settlement are unclear, but a trust will likely be funded to fund scholarships for poor children. All the heirs will say, via a lawyer, is “The case is settled”. (In the meantime, an investigation into the nature of Brown’s death has yet to be completed.)

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