Alone Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: “Aftermath”

“Alone” Season 9 contestant Teimojin (Photo by: Brendan George Ko/The History Channel)

The History Channel Only episode two of season nine focuses on the four survivalists who did not appear in the season premiere. The first episode showed events from day one to day four, while “Aftermath” extends the timeline to day 15.

Airing June 2, 2022, episode two includes the first tap of the season.

Snippets thrown in during the second episode include that an average of 30 inches of rain hits the east coast of Labrador every year and it rains an average of 108 days. Participants should beware of giardia (a parasite) in the water and lack of hydration can cause dizziness. In addition, each participant is allowed a maximum of nine arrows and the rules allow fishing only with a fly rod or landing net.

On the first day, Teimojin Tan, 31, from Quebec City, CAN, explains that he has pledged to do less work while achieving his goal of finding a good place to shelter. He has experience in primitive survival techniques and served six years in the Canadian Armed Forces. Teimojin believes his medical background gives him an edge over his competitors.

As a doctor, he must make well-considered decisions. This should help him survive in these inhospitable conditions.

Day 7: Teimojin continues to work on his shelter. His task for the day is to dig a hearth at least a foot deep. He explains that sleeping up high with a low hearth keeps shelter warmer, and with the temperature dropping, it’s essential he completes this project. He designed the pit so that there is a chimney in the ground and he will use river clay to fortify it.

If he wins, he will use the $500,000 to pay off his student loans and renovate his mother’s house. Teimojin doesn’t have a goal in mind as to how many days he can last in the desert.

Alone Season 9 Terry
Alone Season 9 contestant Terry (Photo by: Brendan George Ko/The History Channel)

Homer, AK resident Terry Burns (30) describes the Only experience as “living the amplified life”. On day 2, Terry spots a harbor seal. He is happy to see him, but surprised that he has made it to Labrador.

His experience as a commercial fisherman in Alaska made him strong. Terry loves to hike on his own, but has never made it past the 30 day mark on his own.

He set up a simple shelter using his tarp as a temporary cover. Terry picked up some tinder for a fire but unfortunately he left it because of the weather so everything is wet. He goes in search of dry wood but fails to find any before the rain falls. The few he finds are not enough to sustain a flame and he is forced to spend the night without fire.

Day 6: Terry is in much better shape than day two and his fire roars as he drinks freshly boiled water. He still hasn’t built a permanent shelter and gets to work building a simple A-shaped pavilion. He admits he’s not a shelter builder, but he’ll like to work with his hands outstretched in the middle. From nowhere.

He used to work a grueling schedule and get little to no sleep until he was involved in a 17-vehicle pile-up in September 2011. Terry was hit hard and yet got away with it unscathed. It changed his approach to life.

Terry’s extensive fishing experience gives him the confidence he can get from the nearby river. He catches a big fish and he fights hard before he can finally bring it back. It’s a nice speckled trout that he intends to eat for dinner.

Only Tom Season 9
“Alone” Season 9 contestant Tom (Photo by: Brendan George Ko/The History Channel)

Our first look at Tom Garstang, a 35-year-old from Earlysville, Va., is on day three. He’s already had enough of the dogwoods and goes in search of game. Tom lives on a 325 acre farm and runs a prescribed fire program. He calls himself “creative” and was born in South Africa. He spent his summers in the bush with his father (a conservationist) and learned to be a patient/observant hunter by observing animals.

He is good at hunting and has a girlfriend back home who he will really miss.

Tom’s first attempt to kill a squirrel with a bow and arrow is successful. He apologizes to the squirrel and brings him back to make squirrel stew. Tom keeps an eye out for predators while eating because of the changing wind.

We come back to Tom on day 8 and he is busy making flies. He cuts off some of his green hair which he specifically dyed before Only so he would have bright colors to attract fish to his flies. (I think he’s the first contestant who did this in Only story.) He also dyed part of his hair pink, but that part became almost his usual light brown hair color.

Tom’s collection of items to use to catch fish includes paracord pulleys, squirrel tail, his own hair and hooks. He didn’t grow up with a lot of money and is used to improvising.

Tom heads to the river and brings in some trout. “So far I’m crushing it,” says Tom, proudly displaying his fish.

Only Adam Season 9
Alone Season 9 Contestant Adam (Photo by: Brendan George Ko/The History Channel)

The 10 contestants are still in the wild as we catch up with Adam Riley, 36, of Fayetteville, AR on Day 5. He doesn’t like taking selfies and admits he can’t believe he has to film himself during Only.

Adam has an unusual job; he is one of approximately 100 in the United States working as a full-time alpaca shearer. In addition, he is a carpenter in a tree house.

Adam is good at hunting and fishing and spent 90 days crossing the ocean alone in his sailboat. It helped prepare him for spending time alone on Only.

He wants to use the $500,000 prize money to help his family. He left his girlfriend, his dog and his family behind to participate because he believes he can win. “It’s going to be hard on my body, but if I can do 10 years of financially worthwhile work in 90 days, I’m willing to push my body to its absolute limits to make it happen for me,” Adam says.

Its shelter is a modified lean-to with a window and spruce branches on the roof will keep the rain out. The side walls of the shelter are made of foam which provides excellent insulation. After he completes the build, he places a picture of his dog and his girlfriend above his bed.

Day 11: Adam’s house looks great and he’s ready to explore the area for food. He comes across bear dung and confesses that his dream is to kill a black bear. However, Labrador black bears are quite aggressive and are busy stocking up for the winter. Going after one is not for the faint of heart.

He sees a grouse and shoots but misses. He is disappointed and wonders if he should shoot another shot at the risk of losing an arrow. Adam’s second shot also misses and he goes to get his arrows. He was unsuccessful and has now lost two of his nine arrows.

Day 12: He’s determined to make a decent fishing rod, hopefully about 7 feet long. As he works on the pole, he explains that he was bullied as a child and found solace in the woods. He kept this love of the desert while growing up.

Adam laughs as he brings in some fish, happy with his success with his new rod. He brings back 10 small fish and one big one.

Although he misses his family, the goal of earning the $500,000 and helping his family keeps him going. His elderly parents have no retirement income and he would use the money to help them.

Only season 9 Jacques
“Seul” Season 9 contestant Jacques (Photo by: Brendan George Ko/The History Channel)

On day 10, Jacques is busy fishing, proudly holding up his speckled trout and calling it “amazing” before kissing his future meal. He immediately kills and cleans his fish so that he does not suffer.

Jacques did not have a great childhood and he threw himself into the outdoor life to escape. His shelter includes a stone hearth and he cooks his trout while suggesting everyone pursue their passions. He likes to be part of Only but has no idea how long it will last.

The trout is absolutely delicious and he feels like he’s killing it to survive on his own. However, he admits that he has a strong desire to be with his farting girlfriend and biting puppy. (I’m sure his girlfriend won’t like that description!)

Day 12: Jacques is shocked at how quickly he is losing weight. He thought he had fattened up for the challenge, but he’s down a bit. (He lost 10% of his weight.) Jacques cuts more firewood and explains that no matter what, anyone who participates in Only comes out a different person.

He sees a squirrel, shoots and just misses it. He shoots again and this time it’s a kill. Jacques apologizes and thanks the dead squirrel for providing him with a meal. He hates killing squirrels and feels sad about his death.

“I usually don’t have a problem killing things as long as it’s done with respect. But at the moment, it really bothers me,” admits Jacques. Maybe if he wasn’t alone, it wouldn’t hit him so hard.

Day 14: Jacques gets up at night and still thinks about the squirrel he killed. He feels bad, and he believes that right now, the only relationship he has with living beings around him is hurting them. He realized that his best moments are when he is with his girlfriend and his dog. “I don’t know what I’m hunting here,” says Jacques before turning off the camera for the night.

Day 15: Unsurprisingly, Jacques becomes the first Only season nine candidate to exploit.

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