American actor Chris Noth has been charged with sexual assault by three women

Chris Noth reappeared on television with the sequel to HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” – “And Just Like That” – but his comeback has sparked some.

According to Hollywood journalist, two women claim to have been sexually assaulted by the actor, after seeing promotions and press releases for the HBO Max show, in which Noth is reprising his role as Mr. Big.

The two women do not know each other but recounted the events of 2004 and 2015 to the Hollywood Reporter. The two women do not know each other and have chosen to remain anonymous.

A third accuser also came forward and reported to The daily beast.

Noth sent a statement regarding the allegations, by Hollywood journalist:

  • “The accusations made against me by people I met years, if not decades ago, are categorically false. These stories could be from 30 years or 30 days ago – no always means no – that’s a line I haven’t crossed. The meetings were consensual. It’s hard not to question when these stories come out. I don’t know for sure why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women. “

Since the allegations, he has been removed from “The Equalizer”, an American crime drama television series and will no longer be filming new episodes of the series, per The New York Times.

  • Speak report, Peloton, who ran a viral ad with Noth, said, “Every charge of sexual assault should be taken seriously,” adding, “We weren’t aware of these allegations when we featured Chris Noth in our response to restarting HBO. “

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