Andrew Garfield casts doubt on his future as Spider-Man

Spider-Man: No Coming Home remains one of the greatest feats in movie history through 2022, thanks in large part to the trio of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as their respective web-slingers. The Marvel Studios trio have more than enough moments to keep fans talking for a long time, which is exactly what is happening more than two months after its release.

Andrew Garfield had a particularly interesting experience with the Spidey trio, especially since he couldn’t say a word about their inclusion until it materialized.


He worked as hard as he could to keep people from thinking he was reprising his Peter Parker, debunking rumors and leaks seemingly non-stop for the better part of six months. Garfield lied to his former co-stars and the public to ensure his retaliation had the massive impact it was meant to have, and he ultimately delivered a performance for the ages.

Now that No coming home is a reality, Garfield has a realistic path back to red and blue spandex if Sony decides to continue its The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. There are also other stories based on Spidey and multiversal outings where he could make his presence felt.

However, when asked about this future more recently, he went back to his old deceptive ways with his answer.


Will Andrew Garfield return as Spider-Man?


Talk with Variety at the 2022 SAG Awards, Spider-Man: No Coming Home Star Andrew Garfield has opened up about his future as Spider-Man.

When asked what this future holds for him, Garfield shared doubt about his return, saying he had “no project” right now for him to take over the character. However, he also realized that he had already played this game, knowing that he will be called “a liar” forever whenever he gives this answer:

“No plan, that’s the truth. I mean, everyone’s gonna call me a liar for the rest of my life. I’m the boy who cried wolf now, that’s all.”

No respite on Andrew Garfield

No matter what Andrew Garfield says, presumably for the rest of his acting career, Spider-Man can never be left out for the British megastar.


While stars like Alfred Molina have leaked information regarding No coming home and its groundbreaking plot, Garfield remained adamant about not spoiling a potentially unique moment in the MCU. Now that he’s done it once, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again if he, in fact, had another web-slinger appearance?

Currently, even as passionate as fans are to see The Amazing Spider-Man 3 In fact, there are no rumors or rumblings of Garfield dressing up as Peter 3 for another round. It’s hoped he’ll reunite as the universe’s Spider-Man with Venom, Carnage, and others, but that casting won’t happen for a while.

However, Garfield is often asked about a Spider-Man return, it’s clear he’ll be the last to make it official unless Marvel or Sony announce it first.


That doesn’t mean the man behind the two The Amazing Spider-Man films is against the idea, far from it – he has openly stated that he would like another chance to don the suit and the web shooters. Even so, only time will tell if Garfield’s current quotes on the matter are proven true or false.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home is currently playing in theaters and will be available via a digital release on March 22, 2022.


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