Anupamaa actor Anagha Bhosale to stop acting for spirituality: “Showbiz hypocrite; full of politics, unhealthy competition’

TV actor Anagha Bhosale aka Nandini from popular show Star Plus Anupama could soon say goodbye to showbiz. She thinks this industry is full of hypocrisy, and there are things an actor has to do to survive here, but those things go against her thought process.

Anagha, who recently left Anupamaa, told The Times of India that after entering the world of showbiz, she realized it was not what she expected. According to her, there is “politics, unhealthy competition, the race to be beautiful and skinny all the time” in acting. Anagha, being a spiritual being, said she cannot be what she is not and be part of the industry which is “full of hypocrisy”.

Now the actor has returned to his hometown of Pune and plans to continue a spiritual journey. However, Anagha is grateful for the love her character of Nandini in Anupama has received. She will return if ever the show’s producer Rajan Shahi calls her back. But she will end up “wanting to stop acting”.

Anagha played Samar’s love interest for Anupamaa. Instead of replacing her with another actor, the creators ended the character’s trail in the series. Since her release, Anagha has received requests from her fans to return to the series. Her recent social media post, where she is seen flaunting her new hair color, commented a lot about how much they miss her on the show. “We really miss you 😢😢😢” wrote one fan. Another added: “Plzzzz show m jaldi se vapis aa jao. #sanan missing”

Anupamaa airs on Star Plus Monday through Saturday at 10 p.m.

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