Appreciate Carel Struycken’s acting career

It’s kind of assumed that anyone as tall as Carel Struycken will be considered one of the most important people in any production, as his 7ft height literally makes him stand out in a crowd. But the good thing about this guy is that he made it work for him in such a remarkable and impressive way that his size is one of his claims to fame and it is one. best things about him as it landed Carel some very notable roles. The first one worth highlighting is Lurch from The Addams Family, who is by far one of the most recognizable faces in pop culture because while he doesn’t say much, his mere presence is difficult. to forget. In fact, in the two movies starring Raul Julia and the rest of the cast, he didn’t speak at all, but he was still one of the best parts of the movie because people expected to see him and they didn’t. were not disappointed.

Another character he played came during the Men In Black movie, but it was a brief role of Arquillian that used his large size and unique characteristics, caused by something called acromegaly, which is why his forehead and jawbone look like they do, as this is caused by excess growth hormones which continue to promote growth after the growth plates close. In other words, even though his body had finished growing, the GH was not done and promoted additional growth which made him look like he is. There are a lot of negative symptoms that go with this condition and it’s fair to think that Carel has suffered several of them, but to date it doesn’t seem like they’ve bothered him enough to prevent the actor from doing this. that he likes. The condition definitely gave him a very distinctive appearance, but as fan reactions over the years have shown, that doesn’t bother anyone as he has taken on many roles that he has managed to fill without fail and a way that makes a lot of sense.

It’s very likely that people aren’t quite familiar with all of this by name, but rather like the big guy who played one role or another. It might be insulting if not for the fact that such a thing happens to many actors, regardless of their size or appearance. But being known as “that actor in this movie” is quite common as not everyone is a movie buff and as everyone should be able to guess, trying to identify a person by one of their most famous performances. is actually quite flattering because it means they made an impression. When it comes to a distinct memory of a person, either because of a role or because of their appearance, it is still quite flattering because it means that they are a memorable person. Carel has made a big mark on the company, no pun intended I swear, and you might have to take a look at his filmography to see how busy the guy has been over the years. It’s certainly not one of the most common names in the business, but it’s definitely one that people don’t confuse with anyone else. Being able to stand out for any reason is usually quite nice as it separates an actor from the pack and allows them to become a legend for one reason or another.

Obviously, Carel was to be branded as the big guy in any movie or TV series he was cast in, but viewing this as a negative, while possible, is taking the less positive path when in truth. you could say he’s perfect for roles that no one else could accomplish in such a simple way. Being 7 inches tall is amazing, as there aren’t many people who could make that claim, and using it to advance a career in show business might limit one to certain roles, as some might think. . That’s not entirely wrong, but that’s not the whole story either.

Carel certainly used his height to his advantage, but he continued to play roles that were also unrelated to his height, as his acting abilities were large enough to allow him to land multiple roles despite his size. Looking at someone for the only trait that can be seen is probably the worst way to figure out what to look for, as has been proven quite often over the years. It’s easy to admire and appreciate Carel as the guy has managed to maintain a rather impressive career over the years, especially since he’s helped push the idea forward for a few characters that fans absolutely adore. .

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