Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t regret his role in Batman & Robin

Although “Batman & Robin” has gained a bit more appreciation in the 25 years since its release, most of the film’s cast have been contrite about their involvement. George Clooney, who played Batman/Bruce Wayne, told Variety last year that he won’t show the film to his wife, Amal, saying, “There are certain films that I say, ‘I want my wife to have respect for me.'” For his part, Schumacher defended the major part of the special features movie for the DVD, but still made a sincere apologies for the final film – and continued to apologize for years after.

Still, Schwarzenegger has even fewer qualms about owning his role in “Batman & Robin.” Talk to Empire magazine in 2012, the actor said: “I don’t regret it at all. I felt the character was interesting and two films before that one Joel Schumacher was at his peak. So the decision-making process was not not extinguished.”

While it’s unclear whether Schwarzenegger was referring to Schumacher’s previous Bat movie, “Batman Forever” (1995) or 1996’s “A Time to Kill” as a representative of the director’s height, it is very true that Schumacher was a hitmaker in the mid-’90s. Yet, as Schwarzenegger points out, there was a corporate factor to his casting as Mr. Freeze, a caveat that acts as a slight my culpa“I was doing ‘Eraser’ there and Warner Bros. begged me to do the movie,” he explained.

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