Avery Solomon shocks Ilan Luttway when she says he stirred the pot [Exclusive]

Avery Solomon shocks Ilan Luttway when she says he stirred the pot [Exclusive]

Every good reality show needs someone to stir the pot and, according to Avery Solomon, Ilan Luttway was pretty good at doing it on Prime Video. Forever Summer: The Hamptons.

Both Solomon and Luttway agreed that Reid Rubio was the biggest pot-stirrer this season. He seemed to be in the middle of everyone’s story, playing an eternal phone game, sharing gossip with anyone within earshot. But during a Zoom interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Solomon said Luttway has managed to get himself in the middle of some sticky situations – often to his detriment.

Avery Solomon thinks Ilan Luttway was also a big pot-stirrer on ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’

Solomon took Luttway by surprise when she named him one of the greatest pot stirrers this season. “I’m in between [people] now because I don’t know… I don’t know because… you already know my two answers [laughs],” she said. “I act like it’s a big secret. Probably Ilan and Reid. I feel for two different reasons. I feel like you kind of came to Ilan, with people already more sensitive and ready to fight, so it was easier for you to stir the pot. But I think Reid tried harder to [stir it].”

Ilan Luttway and Avery Solomon | First video

Luttway replied and joked, “I appreciate you saying that Avery –” Solomon added, “Oh, you’re totally like *** agitator!”

Does Ilan Luttway think he stirred the pot this season?

Luttway admitted he was often in the middle of the drama on Forever Summer: The Hamptons. But his point of view was a little different.

“So from my perspective, I think throughout my life, I don’t do anything intentionally,” Luttway explained. “Like my problem has always been saying the things I feel in the moment and maybe not really doing it all the time. Like, sometimes I just need to keep things in my head, isn’t But at the end of the day I was [having] a summer with new people and meeting new people. And we can call it an agitator *** anything.

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“But I would say it was definitely Reid in that situation because if you look at all the things that I quote without quotes had and gotten into trouble for…the only thing was the very beginning,” he claimed. . “Like my comment that Reid broadcast. I would say it was me and I also think I took responsibility for it. And I think you’ll see that throughout the show. Other than that, which was at the very beginning, I really don’t think there’s anything I’m starting. More things happening around me that I get involved in. So I’ll go with Reid.

Who was responsible for making “Forever Summer: Hamptons”?

Rubio may have stirred the pot the most this season, but he was also the actor who sparked producers’ interest in his group of friends. “So I was approached via Instagram because two of the cast members, Emelye [Ender] and Reid, had been in touch with some of the producers and execs and stuff,” Solomon recalled.

“And they really wanted friendships and a storyline to be shown,” she continued. “So they knew we were friends. They held out their hand to me. And honestly, at first I thought that was wrong. I thought it was one of those scams. But I was like, you know what? I’m not doing anything today. Let me answer, see how far I can go, And here I am!”

Reid Rubio talking to someone while working at Dockers

Reid Rubio | First video

Luttway came in as the “Citidiot” from the outside and said he had stumbled upon the opportunity. “I was doing an unpaid internship in data science and I didn’t really like it,” he recalls. “I just wasn’t really involved in it. I am a computer science student. So it’s something that I’ve kind of always tried to pursue and still want to pursue.

“I have a mutual friend who goes to (University of) Michigan who texted me thinking, OK, this guy will probably say no, but he might as well be texting as they were texting everyone,” Luttway added. “I had the opportunity to work and get paid to do something fun and do something risky, but also something that I thought was an amazing opportunity. And I’m so happy to have kind of just gave it a shot and just said, fuck it, then go for it ’cause I had one of the best summers of my life.

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Forever Summer: The Hamptons Season 1 is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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