B1A4 Member Gongchan And Actor Cha Seo Won To Lead New Korean Drama BL

Involuntary love story poses to become the popular new BL series to look forward to.

With the rise of the Boys Love genre around the world, South Korea created its own BL series featuring award-winning actors and idol-turned-actors.

So far, the industry already has more than 20 BL series, including Where your eyes linger, I wish you, color rush, light on me, to my star, semantic error, love class, first love againand Cherry blossoms after winter.

This year, BL fans have something to watch again with the release of the series directed by Cha Seo Won and Gongchan.

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Involuntary love story Becomes Cha Seo Won, Gongchan’s 1st BL Series

Naver confirmed on June 23 that the hit series manhwa, Involuntary love storywould receive a television adaptation.

Involuntary love story is a 2022 Korean BL series exploring the romantic relationship that initially begins with a lie. The two share how “the beginning was intentional, but the relationship is unintentional” in their romance.

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The screenplay based on Phoebe’s manhwa would be written by Shin Ji Ahn. Meanwhile, Jang Eui Soon has been chosen to direct the series.

So far, Cha Seo Won and Gongchan have confirmed their participation in the series, and the story has since shared a preview of their characters.

Involuntary love story Cast Members

Actor Cha Seo Won will play the role of Yoon Tae Joon, a ceramist who doesn’t talk too much like he’s withdrawn from the world. Despite his silence, he is a man whose harshness dominates the world.

He is known for his appearances in several television series like The heirs, the second husband, Miss Lee, the rich son, and 20th century children.

Meanwhile, Gongchan will play General Affairs Department employee Ji Won Young. He needs to win over the company president’s favorite artist, Yoon Tae Joon, so he can work again.

The idol-turned-actor has appeared in multiple web series Delicious love, in my name, travel through Romance season 1.5, and Mokkoji kitchen.

Involuntary love story is expected to release its Episode 1 in the second half of this year.

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