Badass Zul Ariffin had the ‘WiFi Sebelah Rumah’ team in stitches with his comedy set, says co-star Ruhainies

While the local entertainment industry has been on the rise by stoppage due to several lockdowns across the country, it looks like actor Zul Ariffin has managed to keep himself fairly busy throughout.

Aside from a short time away from the screen – in 2019 audiences saw him in the movie Sangkar and dramatic TV Setelah KuMiliki – the 34-year-old starred in two drama series Bidadari Kiriman Tuhan and Ryan aralyn in the latter part of 2020.

In March of this year he appeared in the horror film Penunggang AgamaDirected by Syafiq Yusof, the film earned RM 2 million in 18 days on Astro First.

This month the actor – who rose to fame after starring in the 2014 drama Rindu Awak 200% – has two new projects.

D2: J Retribusi – the sequel to his hit film 2017 J Revolusi – started streaming on Disney + Hotstar on June 1. The 16-episode drama series will also air on the same platform on June 25. WiFi Sebelah Rumah.

In a virtual press conference, Zul described the highly anticipated J Retribusi as more aggressive and action-packed than J Revolusi.

“The first one, the audience liked it but they wanted more action. The second is exactly that… it has non-stop action, ”he said. StarLifestyle.

He wasn’t kidding – the movie goes into action 15 minutes into its duration and continues to keep pace until the end, with a climactic streak that includes gunshots and big explosions.

One reviewer even compared the action scenes featured in J Retribusi to Hollywood films because of the camera work and choreographic effort invested in the fight scenes.

According to Zul, he had wanted to follow the model of successful franchises such as Die hard and Bourne with the J films. In addition to creating great action sequences, he thought of making more films around the protagonist.

Zul shared, “I really hope to continue playing this character in future films if possible. It was the plan from the start anyway.

“But it all depends on the audience’s reaction to the film. If the response is encouraging, we would like to continue. “

He added, “Movies like this are popular with the younger generation; it’s exciting and at the same time it’s a good story.

J Retribusi follows Jay Zulkarnain (Zul) – a former Special Forces soldier – who now works as a bodyguard for a young girl, Nadi (Ainin Batrisya), the daughter of a millionaire (Datuk Rosyam Nor).

When a group of terrorists led by Taufiq (Ashraf Sinclair) takes Nadi hostage, Jay uses his special forces skills to save the little girl.

“The character has a different set of motivations than the first one,” Zul explained.

Another thing he wanted to do differently J Retribusi was to create a complicated villain, instead of a typical villain. And Zul thought of Ashraf for the role.

Ashraf, who died on February 18 last year, and Zul had known each other for a long time. But they never had the opportunity to work together.

Zul said StarLifestyle: “We met by chance at the airport once and I asked him to work with me on a project.

“Then when J Retribusi was in development, I thought of him for the role because we needed a really sleek, good-looking, and sophisticated villain. So, I suggested Ashraf to the team.

“And Ashraf himself didn’t want to play a person who would fight my character; he wanted to be more like a brain … So yes, this is not a role intended for Ashraf but rather tailor-made for him.

“I am happy to have been able to work with him in J Retribusi. “

While Zul is definitely in his element in the action genre, he seems just as comfortable – even excited – taking on the comedic role with the series. WiFi Sebelah Rumah.

“This project was totally unexpected,” Zul said. “I love romantic comedy; I like light comedy. But every time I was offered a (comedic) role, I was never free.

“But I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. Finally, I got the opportunity to play a role like this because I love to watch such shows.

Directed by Shuhaimi Zulkefli, the story centers on Ghaz (Zul) and his neighbor Mira (Ruhainies).

Zul Ariffin says he enjoys watching light comedies and has a keen interest in acting in one. Photo: Zul AriffinHe might share his Wi-Fi password with her, but Ghaz doesn’t seem to have the courage to tell Mira that he likes her.

Things get complicated when Mira, unconscious, considers marrying a suitor.

Actress Ruhainies (Hello Mr. Perfect!) confessed that she was not sure that Zul could play the character of Ghaz first.

She said, “I’ve never seen Zul play a character like this before. He only played violent characters.

“But you know what, in some of the scenes where he has to play dumb, he was so funny on set that he made the whole crew laugh.”

Besides these two projects, Zul also directed four other films – Talbis Iblis, Polis Evo 3, Along shot fadil 3 and Juang, which finished production in April.

At the end of last year, Zul had filmed another drama Love Elsa (which is currently airing on Astro Ria) in addition to taking the time to be a judge on Astro’s variety show Superstar Muzikal Lawak.

Before the current lockdown was put in place, Zul admitted he wasn’t doing much. However, he said, he was hoping to shoot a new TV series soon.

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