“Below Deck Galley Talk” Returns Featuring Bobby Giancola’s “Costume Box”

Below Bridge Galley Talk returns, as does the wild world of Bobby Giancola costumes. Giancola told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that the parade of costumes he and Colin Macy-O’Toole wear on the show are actually from his personal collection and he admitted there are endless options.

Macy-O’Toole laughed at “Bobby’s costume box” and luckily he’s a good player and willing to go along with Giancola’s every costume whim.

Giancola recently extended her love of dress up to her pup Ruby. He joked that he had a “problem” and showed off the huge merchandise he had bought for the little pup. This includes about 10 different collars, two styles of harnesses, and a dog life vest. This, of course, does not scratch the surface.

Everyday is Halloween for Bobby in “Below Deck Galley Talk”

Giancola told Showbiz Cheat Sheet how he built his costume box and what sparked his love for dressing up. “I love Halloween, so all the different Halloween parties,” he admitted. “And I haven’t been able to do that much now, but where I grew up in Brevard County and Cocoa Beach, a lot of my friends, we would randomly just do costume days.”

Colin Macy-O’Toole and Bobby Giancola | Photo Colin Macy-O’Toole

“We would all dress up as 80s rock stars,” he said. “Or all wear onesies just one random night. No matter what. And that was just our thing. It was just fun to do around town. So I had a collection.

so far, Below Bridge Galley Talk viewers saw Giancola dressed in a turkey costume during the Thanksgiving holiday. Macy-O’Toole shared a photo of Giancola and wrote, “There are two types of people on Thanksgiving.” Additionally, he and Macy-O’Toole wore Santa outfits on Christmas.

When the Under the Mediterranean Bridge The team got into their Octoberfest costumes, Giancola had lederhosen on hand that he and Macy-O’Toole could wear when they recap the episode.

He passes on his costume game to his pup

Giancola knew he would spoil his French Bulldog puppy Ruby even before he adopted her. “Obviously I’m going to make an Instagram for the dog and that Instagram is going to get all the attention,” he said just weeks before officially adopting Ruby.

“My Amazon account, my shopping cart is already full of pink, you know… like little backpacks and leashes and collars and toys, bowls and potty cushions and everything,” he said.

Giancola wasn’t joking. He shared a Tiktok with Ruby’s “equipment” in full screen. Don’t forget that Ruby isn’t even six months old yet. “Omg you weren’t even kidding about your Amazon shopping cart lol,” Kate Chastain replied to the video on Instagram.

Jessica More added, “Legend doggy dad. I already have the shopping addiction. In addition to the multitude of collars, harnesses and outfits, Ruby offers endless toys, grooming accessories and even her very own backpack.

The “Below Deck Galley Talk” team loves filming the show

Macy-O’Toole said he jumped at the chance to film the show with Giancola in Florida. When Bravo said they wanted me to do the show, they asked who I wanted to watch Under the bridge with,” he recalls. “I was like Bobby! We were already doing these jams during quarantine, so I knew Bobby and I were going to have a blast.

“It was a lot of fun because we got to have a few drinks and just hang out,” he added.

Other Below Bridge Galley Talk the crew feels the same for their partner. Albert Pusey’s Julia is paired with new fiancé Josiah Carter. “I think he’s just the most amazing person to be paired up with,” she said. “And we’re both pretty dry. So it works really well. »

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