Berthoud actress Jeanne Nott wins 2022 Miss Colorado Senior America pageant

In the race for Ms. Colorado Senior America 2022, Jeanne Nott watched the row of seven other contestants as the first and second finalists were announced, trying to determine the winner.

“Which one got it?” She thought, then her name was announced. “I don’t look like a beauty queen. … I didn’t think I was the type, ”she said.

The Loveland resident, an actress from Moon Theater Co., is one of 40 nominees competing in September 2022 nationally for Ms. Senior America, a contest for women 60 and older who are not affiliated with Miss. America. She entered the state contest after hearing about it from a friend and meeting the coordinator, Rene Green, who runs the contest administered by the Colorado Cameo Club.

Courtesy Photo – Berthoud actress Jeanne Nott is named Ms. Colorado Senior America for 2022.

“She looked at my documents and looked at what I had done. She saw that I had the experience, ”said Nott, a playwright who has decades of experience as an actor. “It’s so exciting so late in life. … It’s as if I opened a new chapter in my life.

Nott participated in the 27e Ms. Colorado Senior America’s annual pageant, “The Power of a Dream,” October 23 at the Parker PACE Theater in Parker’s. The theme reflects the joy of living and not letting age be a detriment.

“It showcases and honors women who have reached the age of elegance,” Nott said. “It is designed to enrich the lives of older people and also to tap into their energy to enrich the lives of others. “

Nott and the other contestants competed in four categories before five judges, Private Interview, Evening Gown, Philosophy of Life and Talent.

“It’s not a beauty contest. They are looking for someone who embodies dignity, maturity and inner beauty, ”Nott said. “There are no swimsuits involved.”

The evening dress is judged on how the contestants are able to walk in their dresses and present themselves. Philosophy of Life is a 45-second statement: Nott focused on positivity and looked on the bright side. And for Talent, Nott did a stand-up comedy that couldn’t be longer than two minutes and 35 seconds.

“I had this beautiful belt with Ms. Senior Colorado 2022 on it, a crown and a trophy. There was no money, ”Nott said, adding that she was glad she“ had the courage to do it ”. “It’s worth saying I’m 73 and I did that. … It does a lot for your self-esteem.

Nott enjoyed meeting the other candidates, whom she felt like she knew her whole life, she said.

“Friendships mean a lot, especially when you’re our age,” Nott said. “I felt like I was with a group of people my age and that we had so much in common. It was fun.”

Nott, as Ms. Colorado Senior America, will make several appearances in 2022, including at variety shows, parades and local events. The Colorado Cameo Club regularly visits assisted living facilities in Colorado, and in his new role, Nott will represent the club with comedy routines at facilities in northern Colorado. She said she liked telling jokes and making people laugh.

“It’s important to spread the joy,” Nott said.

Nott, who has been involved in acting since elementary school, joined Moon Theater Co. in 2016 and has been a community theater actress for about 15 years. She has also performed with Main Street Players in Littleton, Washington Park Players in Denver, Bas Bleu Theater in Fort Collins and the Colorado Dramatists. In her professional life, she has worked in customer service and as an executive assistant and caregiver for a home care service provider.

“I like to appear in front of people and perform. That’s what makes me happy, ”Nott said. “I love to dress, dresses and jewelry.”

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