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Despite strict measures to ensure no cheating happens with multiple lawyers on hand, viewers are no strangers to harboring Bradley Walsh’s comedic blunders while asking about The Chase. However, the ITV host revealed to viewers how he is controlled while filming the quiz show.

The ITV show is a staple of UK weekday television, and viewers often take to social media to air their views.

Whether it’s laughing at one of Bradley’s humorous gasps, the famous Fanny Chmelar incident, or calling out the show’s contestants for their knowledge or potential foul play, viewers love to voice their voice.

Opening up on the protocols in place to secure the game show, Bradley, 61, assured viewers “if there is a slight misreading” he is “stopped immediately”.

Featured on our televisions since 2009 and with Beat The Chasers now as an extra notch under the umbrella of this game show, measures are in place to ensure everyone is playing fairly.

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“I have to make sure they get up to speed and get about 18 or 19 questions answered correctly.”

If fans are still unconvinced by the show’s security, The Chase team also hires an independent professional monitoring company to add that extra layer of protection.

Using a company called Beyond Dispute, they monitor the questions asked and ensure they are selected at random.

The show has a loyal following, and when one viewer, Bob, tweeted that the show seemed suspicious after a hunter came back strong in the final chase, “almost, like they wanted him to save the face after doing so poorly thus far,” another fan came to the show’s defense.

“Candidates choose between question set A or B before the final rounds of the chase. Overseen by standards and practices and it’s 100% kosher. #TheChase,” Mick added.

Another defender of the quick question and answer show compared him to his game show rivals.

Steven tweeted: “The Chase/Beat The Chasers is a bit like Gladiators, but for intellectuals. If that’s too much for you, there’s always Lingo and Tipping Point. If you’re still struggling with the questions, then you are beyond help.”

Bradley also isn’t afraid to keep contestants in their place after recently scolding a guest for taking a long time to warm up and answer questions properly.

Playful banter between The Chasers and Bradley is a given during a show, and attendees are often ridiculed if they get it wrong, so this acts as a final check to make sure you’re on your best behavior.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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