Brendan Fraser fans say only one actor can compare to him

Brendan Fraser is beloved by a bunch of rabid fans, but they say another actor could fill his shoes.

People are often divided over Brendan Fraser and his seemingly abandoned career.

Some say Fraser was wrongly canceled by Hollywood, and they might be right. He’s been through a lot, including injuries sustained during stunts on the set, but there were other factors at play as well.

But others think Brendan was not so good in “The Mummy” and its sequels, and they explain his disappearance from Hollywood as a pure consequence.

The fans who still support Fraser are not 100% on his side, however. In fact, they say there is one actor who can stand up to what they say is an awesome acting repertoire.

Fans are passionate about Brendan Fraser acting chops

Fans on online forums often panic about Brendan Fraser’s acting. They commemorate his stint on “The Mummy,” citing lines from the film series, and lament the fact that Brendan was replaced by Tom Cruise during an attempted reboot.

Beyond the fact that they say Brendan deserves more, fans also say his acting skills were truly unmatched. Except by an actor.

Some fans say only one other actor is up to it

In an interesting comparison, fans seem to declare that Brendan Fraser’s talent can only be matched by another actor, and it’s surprising.

In the forum dedicated to praising Fraser’s every move – past and present – fans stick to a slogan that seems to encompass all of their feelings about his career: “Brendan, Brendan, this is our man. If he can’t do it, Nic Cage can! “

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For some reason, fans seem to believe that Brendan Fraser is A. an excellent and underrated actor and that B. Nicolas Cage is in the same class and rank and is the only suitable replacement.

Does Nicolas Cage really compare to Brendan Fraser?

The question is, does Nic Cage really fill the gap left by Brendan Fraser in Hollywood? There are a few different explanations here. On the one hand, maybe Brendan Fraser isn’t that great, and neither is Nicolas Cage, and people say they’re interchangeable in their mediocrity.

But another potential explanation is that fans say Brendan is extremely underrated, much like Nicolas Cage. While this view is highly debatable – more people are leaning into Nic Cage (and his choice of film projects) than praising his acting abilities – it’s a healthy take.

Yet another explanation could be that fans love Brendan and know there is no place to replace him – so Nic Cage is a second-line player who they rate as second-best.

Whatever their views, just imagine Nic Cage taking Brendan’s place in “The Mummy” or voicing Grayson in “The Nut Job”. Come to think of it, the exchange could be an interesting visual experience.

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