“Buffy” actor Nicholas Brendon arrested on prescription drug charges

Buffy the vampire slayer Actor Nicholas Brendon has been arrested in western Indiana, United States, on charges of possession of illegally obtained prescription drugs.

The 50-year-old American was arrested when police said they saw him driving his silver Dodge Journey last week, first reported by TMZ.

Brendon, who played the wacky sidekick of main character Xander Harris in the Buffy series, was reportedly sweaty and in a bad mood when cops arrested him in Vigo County, Indiana.

His ID card was named Kelton Schultz, whom Brendon told police was his twin brother. Brendon’s last name is Schultz, which he does not use professionally. He has a brother who is 3 minutes his senior.

Authorities called a K9 unit after they said they found a small bag containing “crystal / powder residue” as well as a bottle of pills prescribed for “Nicholas Bender”.

This research would have produced several bags of residue as well as a recent prescription for amphetamine salts in the name of Kelton Schultz. Brendon reportedly told the cops he took pills written down to his brother and claimed they had the same prescription.

TMZ said police believed Brendon was abusing the pills or “using his brother’s ID to get” more than he was allowed to, possibly to sell.

They arrested the Los Angeles native for failing to provide proper identification and obtaining a prescription by fraud. Brendon’s post-Buffy years included several arrests and three trips to rehab.

He told a TV doctor in 2015 that he used alcohol to treat his anxiety. Wed MD describes amphetamine salts as stimulants that help people stay focused and control behavior problems. – New York Daily News / Tribune News Service

Nicholas Brendon (second from right) is best known for his role as Xander Harris in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Photo: WB Television

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