Camila Cabello wonders whether or not she will continue to act

Camila Cabello becomes frank about his future as an actor.

In the wake of his Amazon film “Cinderella”, the star of the film believes that more acting concerts are definitely part of his career path.

The role of Cinderella marked Cabello’s first acting work. Sure, she’s “acted” in music videos and the like, but these are music videos NOT movies.

In an interview with Collider, the singer opened up about the future roles of actress that she would like to approach.

“I would love to do more acting roles for sure,” she told the outlet. “I would like to do more comedy. I think the drama would be really fun. The action would be really fun. The thriller would be really fun. There is so much. There is a lot to explore.

Comedy seems to be Cabello’s hotspot as she has expressed that this genre is the one she would like to do above all else.

The “Havana” singer explained how “Cinderella” allowed her to show off her acting skills.

“I think it will get easier and easier,” she said. “Obviously I really cared about this movie, and I really care about this movie, so I wanted to do a good job. But I think, at my best, I’m pretty funny.

Cabello presents his comedic side on his personal TikTok account.

Who could forget that by pretending to be what it is when you start dating someone for the first time and can’t fart or use the bathroom for number 2.

@camilacabelloThat first phase of dating when you can’t fart or poop or be a humanOpportunity – Quvenzhané Wallis

In addition to her burgeoning acting career, Cabello continues to make music and develop her relationship with Shawn mendes.

They actually had an awkward encounter with Mendes’ alleged ex, Hailey Bieber, at the Met Gala.

Cabello and Mendes met Justin bieber and Hailey at last week’s big event.

A video that showed Bieber meeting Cabello and Mendes went viral on TikTok.

@dreamofmendes## fyp ## shawnmendes ## camilacabello ## justinbieber ## haileybieberoriginal sound – Shawn Mendes

What should have been a quick “hi” and maybe a comment or two about the stunning women’s dresses, turned into an awkward sort of silence.

The couple hugged and exchanged pleasantries, but the once vibrant and heated conversation turned a bit calm and needless to say it was time to get out of it.

One of the video’s most noticeable awkward moments was closer to the end when Mendes simply stopped speaking and stood back with his arms folded. He also pulled away slightly to let the Biebers escort each other out of his way.

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