Captain Sandy Reveals How ‘Below Deck’ Fills Crew Positions

Captain Sandy Yawn from Under the Mediterranean bridge recently admitted that her first season on the show was a bit difficult as she wasn’t used to the way the show staffed crew positions. Fresh out of her tenure as a superyacht captain, Yawn used to hire a crew agency to fill positions. But Under the bridge uses a casting agent.

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ uses casting agent instead of crew agent

Yawn said going through a casting agent isn’t actually a bad thing as it allows other team members and viewers to see a full story arc and human development. “My first season, yeah,” she told The Sun-Sentinel of how she was initially challenged.

“Charter captains fill their crew from agencies,” she said. “The show filled the cast crew positions. It was hard for me at first. But then my second season came along and I thought it was pretty cool. I was like, ‘This is awesome.’ For me, what’s interesting is developing their character, seeing how they handle things.

Under the Mediterranean Bridge Captain Sandy Yawn Season 6 Cast Photo | Laurent Basset / Bravo

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She looked at the situation with fresh eyes and realized the formula was great. “I have the opportunity to have this experience and sometimes I can just say, ‘Whoa, this is a great human being who has this amazing opportunity,’ she remarked. “These experiences that I witness are far beyond anything I have done before in my life. I see it this way: I always find the right one. Adding: “I am not looking for evil. You can throw me in the middle of nowhere and I’ll find the right one.

Why did Captain Sandy agree to be on “Below Deck Med”?

Yawn also explained why she was perfect for the role of captain of the series. “I think it’s because I love being a captain,” she said. “I love.”

She also reflected on her experience working from the ground up. “I think they were looking for someone, a woman in particular, who would get away with washing boats and doing the captain’s job.”

Yawn shared that the role was not something she was actively seeking. “I didn’t look for him, he came to me,” she said. “But I always say, when something lands in your lap, it’s meant to be. When that ship comes ashore, it’s time to get on board.

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Yawn also likes the Under the bridge concept. “You get the drama, the yacht experience and the career, and we’re a travel show,” she said. “It offers three different experiences in one hour.

“You can see these [crew members] living and dealing with each other and doing a real job and traveling to these beautiful places and having these amazing experiences on a super yacht, ”continued Yawn. “[The show] has three elements that other shows don’t have, which is great.

Colin Macy-O’Toole, who served as a deckhand on the show for two seasons, explained why he thinks the show has magical power. “I think these are the new faces every year. People like it, ”Macy-O’Toole told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Charter guests are different every year. The location is different every year.

He noted that Under the bridgeBravo’s ratings exceeded those of Bravo Housewives series. “I do not discredit the [Housewives] franchise, ”added Macy-O’Toole. “But I think [the reason] why we have higher marks than [the Housewives] it’s because every season is a new beginning.

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“You always have to get some feedback, but then get them to interact with new people they’ve never met before,” he continued. “In addition, the whole work environment is different. It’s not like they’re hanging out just like, ‘Hey, let’s go to that dinner.’ Who wants to watch this? ”

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