Acting Career

Where is Chancho de Nacho Libre now?

When “Nacho Libre” hit theaters in 2006 – 15 years ago at the time of this writing – Darius Rose’s acting career was already well underway. Before becoming Chancho, he made his acting debut in the 2003 film “Bruce Almighty”, rubbing shoulders with movie icons such as Jim Carrey, Jennifer …

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The Godfather: 8 things that still hold today

Since George Lucas Star wars has changed the face of Hollywood cinema, with every single highest-grossing film ever made has been a great sci-fi blockbuster epic. But, five years before Star wars arrived, Francis Ford Coppola broke that same record with a decidedly darker, more adult-oriented film. RELATED: The Godfather …

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Actor Alessandro Nivola on his tennis obsession

Q: What other professional players have influenced you along the way? Alessandro Nivola: I am a [Rafael] Fan of Nadal. I like that he feels he needs to “suffer” to be successful, that level of commitment. I just identify with it personally. Obviously, it’s easy to appreciate the grace and …

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