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Independent actor Jomari Angeles stars as Mario, the introverted guy in the BL movie “Limited Edition”.

Independent actor Jomari Angeles is very happy and thrilled to be playing the lead role in the BL film “Limited Edition” produced by Bragais TV under the direction of Jill Singson Urdaneta.

“This is my first time playing the lead role in a project and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. It’s a dream come true,” said Jomari, who has been doing supporting roles for a long time, especially on the independent scene. .

He auditioned for the role of Mario, the introverted guy in the movie BL, and he was told the same night that he got the part.

Before making a limited edition, he played a cameo role in Carlo Obispo BL’s film “Better Days” and was in the second season of the film “Ben x Jim” directed by Easy Ferrer.

“It’s a challenge to play a guy who falls in love with another guy, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. It’s a role I wanted to play especially after seeing the movie ‘Call me by your name'” , Jomari said.

He describes his character Mario, an introverted guy who is innocent in love. He fell in love at first sight with Jethro (played by Andrew Gan) but because of the situations and decisions he made, he caused conflicts.

Jomari says he can relate to Mario’s situation and experience since he’s also an introvert in real life.

“A lot of people don’t think I’m an introvert, but once you meet me in person I’m really calm and reserved,” he explained.

“I was challenged by the role because I have to show that I am really in love with Jethro. As an actor I always try to be honest in every scene I do.”

It’s also the first time that Jomari and Andrew have worked together on a movie and they haven’t had enough time to bond. But he appreciated Andrew’s gesture and the confidence he placed in the production team that he will be supported.

Jomari added that he is ready to make another BL movie even though he has a bold story and needs to play a daring role as long as he believes in the story and the production team.

He was in the Brillante Mendoza movie “Ma ‘Rosa” where he played the youngest son of Jaclyn Jose and Julio Diaz. He also played Christian Babables’ best friend in Chito Rono’s “Signal Rock”.

His portrayal of young Eddie Garcia in Dan Villegas’ film “Hintayan ng Langit” won him the award for Best Supporting Actor at the Urduja Film Festival.

Jomari is also on the Limited Edition publishing team as an associate producer, with co-star Donna Cariaga as the creative producer.

While he’s yet to land a juicy role in a TV series, the indie actor is hopeful that if Limited Edition becomes a major hit, the Universe will finally shake things up and give him that opportunity.

Limited edition broadcasts on Bragais TV channel on You Tube every Saturday at 8 p.m.


The main cast of “Darna” The TV Series, directed by Jane de Leon and to be directed by Chito Rono, had already been announced.

But the production has yet to name the actress who will play Valentina, Darna’s nemesis.

Valentina’s role is just as important as Darna’s. The battle of the two adds spice to the story.

Some of the stars who have played Valentina in the past have included Celia Rodriguez, Pilar Pilapil and Pilita Corrales.

In a survey conducted by an entertainment blog site via Facebook, they asked for the opinions of internet users who they believed would fit the role of Valentina.

Some Internet users have cited the names of Heaven Peralejo and AJ Raval. Will they be interested in playing Valentina?

The actress who will play Valentine should have the same stature as Jane who is the main star.

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“Wherever you go, there will be men around you” Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:20:51 +0000
Madalsa Sharma feels good and bad things go hand in hand (Photo credit: Instagram / madalsasharma, artographybysagar)

Madalsa Sharma rose to fame after playing the negative character, Kavya, in Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa. Although she had worked in several regional films, the actress was eager to work on television, and star Rupali Ganguly came to see her. Recently, the actress spoke about the casting and asked if anyone had asked her about “irrational advances” on her part.

The actress is married to Mahaakshay Chakraborty, the son of veteran star Mithun Chakraborty. The duo tied the knot on July 10, 2018.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with ETimes, Madalsa Sharma was asked if anyone had made “irrational advances” to her, she said: “To be a girl or right now to be. a man, both are equally scary. In any profession, be it an actress or a business, wherever you go, for a woman there will be men around you. Sometimes you meet people who are probably a little more interested in things that you are not at all willing to offer as a person, as an actor, as an employee. It’s up to you. Good and bad things go hand in hand, but in the end, no one can take your choice away from you. People can try to influence you, but to be or not to be influenced are two radically different things.

Madalsa Sharma continued and said: “Personally, whenever I have felt uncomfortable in someone’s presence or during a meeting, what should I do? Get up and go out through this door. No one is going to stop me or close the door and let me go anywhere. So that has always been my personal choice.

The small screen beauty further shared that as an actress she is eager to act and show everyone what she is capable of and adds, “Other than that, good or bad, bad or good, you have to know how to handle it, so that’s what i’ve been doing all my life.

Currently, Madalsa’s daily soap opera Anupamaa is at # 1 on the TRP charts and the show dominates other series after being at the top of the ratings for a long time. Even fans are quite impressed with the storyline of the show as they claim it is relevant to the present times.

Must read: Bigg Boss 15: Are Tejasswi Prakash and Umar Riaz a new couple in the making? The duo draw attention with their closeness during a fashion show

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Michael Sheen calls on men to stand up and speak out against violence against women and girls Wed, 06 Oct 2021 11:12:12 +0000

Michael Sheen called on men to speak out against violence against women and girls.

The Port Talbot actor, 52, said domestic violence was “a men’s problem” and made it clear that it was not a war of the sexes.

He delivered the message as part of the Stand Up To Domestic Abuse online event.

Read more : Tribute to the man killed in the Port Talbot crash

Michael said: “Violence against women and girls is a men’s problem.

“We need a growing movement of men to stand up and speak out against men’s violence against women and girls.

“It calls us to delve into parts of male culture that have been historically apathetic about it or openly hostile to women’s efforts to engage them. We must do more.

“Movements like today are created and built by women, should we applaud this or be frustrated that men weren’t a part of it. Are we ready to ask women to step back and let us run this or come together to end it?

“Gender violence, what is it?

“Sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship abuse, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse – these issues have always been viewed as women’s issues that maybe good, courageous men help get involved in. These are not women’s issues, they are mainly men’s issues, we have to make it our own. “

Michael Sheen denounced victims’ blame and said domestic violence was a ‘deep-rooted’ social problem

Figures from the England and Wales Crime Survey reveal that 74% of domestic homicide victims were female for the year ending March 2016 through the year ending March 2018. The statistics on non-domestic homicides paint a different picture with 87% of male victims.

The overwhelming majority of female victims of domestic homicides are killed by men. Of the 270 female victims of spousal homicide for the year ending March 2016, up to the year ending March 2018, the suspect was male in 260 cases.

In 218 of 270 domestic homicide cases between those same years, the suspect was a partner or ex-partner. Forty-three male victims were killed by a partner or ex-partner during the same period.

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In a study of 96 cases of domestic violence, it appeared that men were significantly more likely to be repeat perpetrators and significantly more likely than women to use physical violence, threats and harassment.

During a six-year follow-up period, the majority of registered male abusers – 83% – had at least two recorded incidents of abuse, with many more than two. In one case, a man had 52 repeated incidents.

The majority of women, a total of 62%, had recorded only one incident of violence and the highest number of repeat incidents for a female abuser was eight.

It was also found in the study that men’s violence tended to create a context of fear and control, which was not the case when women were the perpetrators.

In total, 83% of high frequency victims who were victims of more than 10 crimes were women.

In the year ending March 2019, 92% of defendants in domestic violence prosecutions were men. The majority of victims were women, 75%, while 16% of victims were men and in 10% of cases the sex of the victim was not recorded.

Michael said: “These are our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, our colleagues, our neighbors, our communities, they are our friends. These are people, not numbers, the way we use our language to talk about domestic violence literally saves lives or not. Let’s look at how we think and use language, this is how we distract from men.

He said action needed to be taken to address the issue and warned that the perpetrators lived in our communities.

He added, “This is a deeply rooted systemic social problem, society allows and creates abusers. Abusers are not deviants or sick people who only come out of a swamp at night and return once the act, violence or rape has been committed. Abusers are much more normal than that, they are our sons, our fathers, our brothers, our colleagues, neighbors, communities – they are our companions.

“The women who have been talking about it for years have been called disparaging men, haters of men, so society and men have shown that it is easier to shut the messenger off. Men have to see what women have seen for years. Men have to speak out, they have to stand alongside women and not against them – this is not a war of the sexes.

“We have to stand up and challenge the violent men.

“For women, your silence is consent to those who abuse – speaking out, standing up will end domestic violence.”

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French actor Laurent Martinez says he was raped by a priest aged eight, as widespread abuse revealed in report | World news Tue, 05 Oct 2021 20:47:33 +0000

A French actor said he was raped by a priest when he was eight years old.

Laurent Martinez spoke the day a damning report on the Catholic Church in France revealed that around 330,000 children were abused between 1950 and 2020.

A commission concluded that the church has shown utter and at times cruel indifference to those who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy.

Martinez said the priest who raped him was moved to another location after telling his parents what happened, but the abuse continued to affect his life.

“It has haunted me all these years,” he said. “I’m really not completely released on this.”

Martinez said the trauma impacted his relationships with women and left him fearful of sexual touching, which he viewed as “something forbidden.”

He added that he had never heard from the priest who assaulted him again, and given his age at the time, he is likely dead now.

Martinez said the report on this widespread abuse was “definitely too late”, but it was pointless to think about it. Instead, he believes “the time has come to act” – and the recommendations that have been made need to be heeded.

Calling for progress to be monitored every three or six months, Martinez said: “The church must be responsible now for everything it has done in these years.”

He has now written a play on abuse called Pardon? to help him cope with his own experiences.

Of the 330,000 children who were sexually abused, 216,000 were reportedly injured by priests and other religious.

The president of the Episcopal Conference of France asked forgiveness from the victims. Photo: AP

Jean-Marc Sauvé, chairman of the commission behind the report, said wrongdoing had been covered up by Catholic authorities for decades in a “systemic” fashion.

The scandal in France is the latest to hit the Roman Catholic Church, which has been rocked by sex abuse scandals around the world, often involving children, over the past 20 years.

About 80% of the victims are said to be men, and Mr. Sauvé said that about 60% of all victims of sexual abuse have encountered “major problems in their romantic or sexual life”.

The president of the Episcopal Conference of France asked forgiveness from the victims.

The commission made 45 recommendations on how to prevent abuse in the future – including training priests and clerics as well as promoting policies to recognize and compensate victims.

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An Ethnography of Grindr, Part 4: Getting Out Tue, 05 Oct 2021 05:24:45 +0000

On Friday August 13, 2021, I revealed my homosexuality to my parents. I was also in the midst of a manic episode. In fact, I had been avoiding drama for 21 years – just to have the most drama I could have imagined. Even the cops were invited! Personally, this is the most gay shit I have ever heard.

Wait what?

To be honest, the idea for this project – using my experience to describe the literally crazy behavior of Grindr users – came as a surprise. I had thought about actor-network theory, a methodology that focuses on understanding reality through relationships. But in my consciousness, my parents had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t listening to them yet, but mostly because I didn’t feel like it was the right time. Anyway, I wasn’t worried that they would find out about this series, as they usually don’t google my name.

When I arrived at Stanford, I was hoping to meet more gay men than I had growing up in Texas. Still, the idea of ​​joining Grindr never crossed my mind, let alone having a ton of gay sex, let alone spreading it to the community at large. Since Part 1 seemed to resonate with people, I set out to research where it came from. In my head, I mapped out four parts in total that I imagined would “close the objective distance” of myself, challenging the assumption that the further away you are from something, the better you understand it.

In part 2, I talked about the actions of seeing and hiding, placing myself among this project as an ethnographer. In Part 3, I talked about standing among a multidirectional totem of categories on Grindr. For Part 4, my plan was to investigate my own reality through the uncertainties of my life. Even so, even though I had no history of mental health issues, my “hot girl summer” quickly turned into my “hypomanic girl summer”. Whoops!

Opening of my manic episode

At the beginning of August, I had the idea to go back to basics with part 4. (To be clear, I still don’t know anything about the sport.) I took some time to see people for spend all my time writing. I was locked in my room at EVGR, the building where I worked. Since I didn’t have a roommate and only a small handful of my friends were on campus during the summer, it was easy for me to go unnoticed.

Over the next few days, I stopped feeling the urge to sleep more than three hours a night. I also stopped feeling hungry, but instinctively grabbed liquids like chocolate almond milk in the dining room. If I tried to open up social media, I couldn’t process what I was seeing. At the end of the week, I submitted a 7,000 word article to The Grind, titled “EVERYBODY SHOULD GO FOR THERAPY,” which was ironic and totally unusable.

On August 13, I was well aware that something seemed different. I wondered if by writing about uncertainty I had deconstructed myself out of existence. In the middle of the afternoon, I sent a message to a friend that I felt dissociated. My friend, who has extensive experience in neuroscience research, replied that depression could be the culprit.

Am I depressed? thought my manic mind.

Fearing that I had discovered a depression that I had previously ignored, I called 911 and explained what my friend had told me. The operator, a female voice, started asking me a list of quick questions about myself. Presumably, she was measuring my relationship to reality. I told them precisely, like, “I’m a below average brown man and I’m gay!” “

Then she asked me if I was alone.

Shouldn’t I be? thought my manic mind.

Fearing that I would not be left unattended, I went out and locked myself out of my room, slipping my ID under the door. In retrospect, it symbolized surrendering my ego for what I was about to do. At this point, the operator decided that I did not need to be rushed to the hospital. She sent three cops, whom I met peacefully outside before hanging up. The cops and I gathered in a shady spot near the parking lot in front of EVGR.

Around this time, I got a FaceTime call from my parents. After a brief greeting I got more and more upset and said:

“I’M GAY!”

For the next few minutes, I almost involuntarily told them what I thought I should do. I was going so fast that I barely gave them time to react.

“We love you very much …” they began.

“Love is an action! I cut them, referring to actor-network theory. The cops around me, who had heard the whole conversation, nodded.

“I’m happy to answer questions, but I think I’ve said enough,” I said. After I hung up, I felt a buzz in my life, and no fear.

“I really like what you said to your parents,” said one of the cops. I met blue eyes that looked at me in amazement. “I haven’t heard anything like this for 20 years.”

“Everyone helped me get here, even the cops!” ” I told them.

For the next 40 minutes, the cops hung around me as I joked about campus life and asked them about their weekend plans. I have interacted with cops as an RA before. I had seen them panic a resident trying to regain control of the situation, compounding the crisis she was already in.

In the following days, my episode did not cause any “community disturbance” except within the community of healthcare professionals trying to assess me. I even continued to work as an RA and had conversations with residents, including several from the Stanford Daily. On Sunday morning I even rocked my manic ass for my Zumba students, and Stanford paid me!

In the summer, many residents told me that the EVGR looked like an asylum, especially with secluded rooms and automatic lights following you down the hall. I had never paid attention to the lights because they made me feel important. I was also thankful for having the space, as I was on track to relocate to campus five times in nine months due to last minute housing assignments. Yet I was so committed to my residents that I turned the building into my own asylum.


To be clear, my parents are open-minded and we have a romantic relationship. But like many gay people, I had lived my life on two sides. On the one hand, I was a visible homosexual at Stanford, turning my vulnerabilities into a public sport, and the disgraced jester was the logo for the Grindr app. On the other hand, I was enjoying a family life where the disgraced court jester would be my future wife.

It’s nobody’s fault that I didn’t talk to my parents sooner. Anyway, maybe the pressure in my psyche between my two lives increased until I was * boom * manic. I also saw several medical professionals, each of whom was convinced that another such event is very unlikely to happen again. How can I say that a manic episode solved my problems, without saying that a manic episode solved my problems?

In noble terms, you could say that I got lost in uncertainty to the point of insanity, then found myself iteratively (how’s that for engagement?). But maybe I’ve found myself iteratively outside the closet my whole life. After all, like many queer people, I had to treat my gay identity as if it was a disease, shared on the basis of a ‘need to know’. Doesn’t that make us patients in the corporate hospital?

I take responsibility for my episode. Yet according to actor-network theory, this also emerged from every action around me, including the psychiatrists who eventually saw him and named him “maniac.” As for my own actions, I guess the cat is out of the bag! But if I have any ideas for Part 5, I’ll be sure to throw my laptop in the trash because one manic episode was enough to get the job done.

I am working on a book on the experiences of gay people with their families and the health care system. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss!

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Famous October 4, 2021 birthday list includes celebrities Susan Sarandon, Liev Schreiber Mon, 04 Oct 2021 10:36:27 +0000

Best Celebrity Birthdays October 4, 2021

Birthday wishes go out to Susan Sarandon, Liev Schreiber and all the other celebrities with birthdays today. Check out our slideshow below to see photos of famous people turning one year older on October 4th, and learn an interesting fact about each one.

Susan Sarandon, left, and “Thelma & Louise” stars Geena Davis pose together during the film’s 30th anniversary screening at the Greek Theater on Friday, June 18, 2021 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo / Chris Pizzello)Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP

Actress Susan Sarandon turns 75

Fun fact: played Janet in the movie version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Christoph Waltz

FILE – Christoph Waltz arrives at the premiere of “Alita: Battle Angel” on February 5, 2019 in Los Angeles. Waltz will be 64 on October 4. (Photo by Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP, File)Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Actor Christoph Waltz turns 65

Fun fact: played Bond villain Blofeld in “Specter”

Liev schreiber

Actor Liev Schreiber attends the “Sea Wall / A Life” opening night at the Public Theater on Thursday, February 14, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Actor Liev Schreiber turns 54

Fun fact: appeared in a Wolverine spinoff film as the villainous Sabertooth

Alicia silverstone

Actress Alicia Silverstone attends the Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards at Rainbow Room, Rockefeller Center on Thursday, September 9, 2021, in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Actress Alicia Silverstone turns 45

Fun fact: appeared in several Aerosmith music videos in the 90s

Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael Leigh Cook arrives at a special screening of “He’s All That” on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, at NeueHouse in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook turns 42

Fun fact: appears in the 2021 film “He’s All That”

Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist attends the 45th Annual Saturn Awards at the Avalon Hollywood on Friday September 13, 2019 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / APRichard Shotwell / Invision / AP

Actress Melissa Benoist turns 33

Fun fact: has a bachelor’s degree in theater arts

Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Maggie Gyllenhaa, Alba Rohrwacher

Olivia Colman, from left, Dakota Johnson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Alba Rohrwacher pose for photographers as they arrive at the premiere of the film ‘The Lost Daughter’ during the 78th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, Friday September 3 2021. (AP Photo / Domenico Stinellis)PA

Actress Dakota Johnson turns 32

Fun fact: appeared as a new recruit in the finale of “The Office”

Discover other celebrities who were guest stars on ‘The Office’

More celebrities with birthdays today

Country singer Leroy Van Dyke is 92 years old. Actress Felicia Farr (“The Player”, “Kotch”) is 89 years old. Author Roy Blount Jr. is 80 years old. Actor Lori Saunders (“Petticoat Junction”) is 80 years old. Actor Clifton Davis (“Madame Secretary,” Amen “) is 76. Actor Armand Assante is 72. Actor Alan Rosenberg (” Cybill “, LA Law”) is 71. Actor Bill Fagerbakke (“Coach”, Spongebob Squarepants “) is 64. Actor Kyra Schon (” Night of the Living Dead “) is 64. Rap ​​producer Russell Simmons is 64. Actress Wendy Makkena (“Sister Act” movies) is 63. Keyboardist Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys is 62. Keyboardist Gregg “Hobie” Hubbard by Sawyer Brown is 61. Actor David W. Harper (“The Waltons” ) is 60. Singer Jon Secada is 60. Media personality John Melendez (aka “Stuttering John”) is 56. Actor Jerry Minor (“Dr. Ken”, “Community”) is 54. actor Abraham Benrubi (“Men in Trees”, ER “) is 52 years old. Country singer-guitarist Heidi Newfield (Trick Pony) is 51 years old. She And Him singer-guitarist M. Ward is 48 years old. The War on Drugs keyboardist Robbie Bennett is 4 3. Actor Dana Davis (“Franklin and Bash”, “10 Things I Hate About You”) is 43 years old. Actor Phillip Glasser (“Hang Time”) is 43 years old. OAR singer-guitarist Marc Roberge is 43 years old. 3LW singer Jessica Benson is 34 years old. Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock is 30 years old.

Other popular or historic birthdays on October 4

Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States

Buster Keaton, actor

Charlton Heston, actor

Jackie Collins, author

Anne Rice, author (80)

Kimmie Meisner, figure skater (32)

with the Associated Press and

celebrity fun facts collage

Fun Facts About Past Celebrities (Associated Press)

Fun facts about celebrities

Gal gadot

Emilia clarke

Sophie turner

Jason momoa

Danielle Fishel and the cast of “Boy Meets World”

Chris Hemsworth

Amanda Seyfried

Kat dennings

Robert Downey Jr.

Alyson hannigan

Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Miley Cyrus

Emma Stone

Seth Mac Farlane

Marc Hamill

Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis

David Hasselhoff

Lindsay Lohan

Natalie Portman

George clooney

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Emma watson

Alec baldwin

Jenna fischer

Kate mara

Jennifer aniston

Alain Alda

Betty Blanche

Dave matthews

Danica McKellar

Taylor Swift

Britney spears

Bill nye

Scarlett johansson

Rachel McAdams

Demi Moore

Julia robert

celebrity collage

An Overview Of Lists Of Fun Facts Related To Movies And TV (Associated Press)

Fun facts about movies and TV and more

In memory: Celebrities who died in 2020 | 2019 | 2018

15 celebrities who appeared on “Saved By the Bell”

10 famous directors who shot episodes of “The Office”

15 fun facts about “The Office”

The Royal Family: Who’s Next on the British Throne?

30 celebrities invited to “The Office”

88 Canadian-born celebrities

Oscars hosts since 1989

25 fun facts about ‘friends’ | 25 celebrities who appeared on “Friends”

25 actors you didn’t know were in “Game of Thrones”

25 actors you didn’t know appeared on “Boy Meets World”

The MCU timeline: from ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Avengers: Endgame’

15 fun facts about ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ to celebrate its 15th anniversary

20 fun facts about “Love Actually”

More fun facts about the movie: ‘Dirty Dancing’ | ‘Shout’ | ‘Romeo + Juliet’ | ‘The Great Lebowski’ | “I know what you did last summer” | ‘The phantom menace’

Relive your childhood with these 120 Hanna-Barbera cartoons

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2021 ICC T20 Men’s World Cup opens door for fans with tickets on sale Sun, 03 Oct 2021 15:07:12 +0000 Cricket fans from around the world are invited to Oman and the United Arab Emirates to “live the match” at the 2021 ICC T20 Men’s World Cup, with tickets for each of the 45 matches on sale today.

Tickets are available for fans to watch the top 16 T20 teams in the world vying for the ultimate prize in the shortest format, with the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup starting in Muscat on October 17 and ending in the United Arab Emirates on November 14. With prices starting at just 10 OMR and 30 AED respectively in Oman and UAE, the event is open to all cricket fans. Tickets are available for purchase at

In the UAE, all venues will operate at around 70% of their maximum seating capacity, while Abu Dhabi has also introduced new socially distant ‘pods’ of up to 4 spectators on their east and west grass mounds. . The Oman Cricket Academy has built a temporary infrastructure to accommodate 3,000 fans.

The ICC and the BCCI event hosts have worked closely with the host authorities to ensure that fans can be accommodated in a safe environment and that COVID 19 protocols will apply at all venues.

The 2021 ICC T20 Men’s World Cup is the largest sporting event held in the region and it will be the biggest global cricket event since the pandemic with fans in the stadiums.

The program features a plethora of key rivalry matches and tantalizing matches. The tournament kicks off with the first round match between Oman and Papua New Guinea in Muscat. While Australia and South Africa play the first Super 12 match on October 23 in Abu Dhabi, followed by the replay of the 2016 final between England and the West Indies also on October 23 in Dubai. One of cricket’s biggest rivalries, India and Pakistan, will take place on October 24 in Dubai.

For the full tournament schedule, see here.

ICC Interim CEO Geoff Allardice said: “We are delighted to welcome back fans of international cricket to Oman and the United Arab Emirates to enjoy the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Our thanks to our hosts BCCI, Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) and Oman Cricket as well as ” to local governments in these regions for their support in ensuring that fans can attend in a safe environment.

“The greatest sporting spectacle ever in the region deserved to be played in front of passionate cricket fans from the 16 competing nations and we are doing everything we can to keep it safe for all. It has been five years since the last FIFA Cup. Men’s T20 world and we can’t wait for the best players in the world to arrive in Oman and the United Arab Emirates and showcase the best of T20 cricket. “

Jay Shah, Honorary Secretary of BCCI, said: “I am delighted that the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup is being played in front of enthusiastic supporters in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. My sincere thanks to the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Oman for paving the way for the fans to return. The anticipation of the World Cup, which takes place after five years, is growing day by day. I’m sure we’ll have fans from different parts of the world to support their team. The atmosphere they will create will boost performance in the field.

“Ticket sales have started and I urge everyone to stay safe, follow health advisories and savor the experience.”

In addition to premium cricket, fans will also be able to enjoy a plethora of entertainment choices including DJs, fan zones and various other exciting activations around each venue, providing families and young people alike a lot of fun. .

Among the full member countries, Bangladesh, Ireland and the 2014 winners of Sri Lanka, there are also Namibia, the Netherlands, Oman, Papua New Guinea and Scotland who are all fighting each other. to qualify for the Super 12 stage. There are four places available joining Afghanistan, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and the West Indies in the Super 12 stage.

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup promises to be a show featuring world cricket superstars including Virat Kohli, Eoin Morgan, Kieron Pollard and Babar Azam.

All fans wishing to attend matches should follow all COVID 19 protocols set out on the website and note the various stadium entry guidelines which will be updated in real time in accordance with the latest government mandates. .

Those who cannot make it to the UAE and Oman can also “experience the game” by watching the tournament live on TV and engaging on all of ICC’s digital and social media channels. An announcement regarding global tournament coverage will follow shortly.

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“I never lost a fight. Intrepid LGBTQ activist Janice Allison has died in Charlotte Sat, 02 Oct 2021 19:40:00 +0000

NEWTON, NC (The Charlotte Observer) – In her typically fearless and provocative way, Charlotte resident Janice Covington Allison once told a reporter, “I’ve never lost a fight.”

“And standing at 6ft 2in and wearing 4in heels is not trying to blend in,” she said.

When she made the remarks to a reporter from Charlotte Observer, Allison had just been escorted by police to the women’s toilet at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center in 2015.

Allison, a transgender woman, deliberately visited the washroom, amid a controversial Charlotte City Council debate over whether Charlotte should expand non-discrimination laws to include lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.

For Allison, the debate was real.

She had been a soldier, volunteer fire chief, owner of a construction company, and the first transgender woman elected to delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

She was not going to tolerate being excluded from the bathroom. On behalf of not only herself but other transgender people, she was taking yet another fairly public position.

Janice Covington Allison, 74, died in a Charlotte hospital on Friday after a long illness.

Allison was “a wonderful soul, who worked tirelessly for her country and her community,” her friend September McCrady from Statesville said on a Go Fund Me page she set up to raise money for Allison’s funeral expenses. .

McCrady confirmed Allison’s death in an update on the page.


In a statement released Saturday, the North Carolina Democratic Party said Alison was “a fearless advocate for LGBTQ + and champion of the transgender community.”

“We must honor his legacy as we continue the fight for full equality and justice,” the statement said.

LGBTQ advocates compared her visit to the restroom to blacks who sat at all-white lunch counters in the 1960s. Opponents said she was a violator.


She expected to anger both sides, including part of the lesbian and gay community who berated her on social media for doing “negative” publicity for their cause, the Observer reported to the time.

Allison said she had considered suicide, “but I can’t give in and give them what they want,” referring to criticism from the transgender community.

A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Allison first realized she was different when she was 11, she told the Observer in 2015. A nurse examining children interested in sports noted that Allison was “not developing physically exactly the way a boy should.”


A doctor suggested weekly injections of testosterone for two years, she said, but after the first month her father began to abuse her verbally and physically, she said, “because I was growing. as a girl and not as the boy he wanted “.

“The pain was unbearable, both physically and mentally. … After several trips to the basement, my mother could no longer bear my cries. She went down to the basement with a butcher’s knife and told him that if he touched me again she would kill him.

At 16, Allison said, she kept a box of women’s clothing padlocked in her bedroom. She wore the clothes while visiting another transgender person.

Her dad broke into the club one day, but at that point, she said, she was too fat to beat.


She enlisted in the military at the age of 17 in 1964 and served in Vietnam and Korea as a combat engineer. “I did it out of patriotism but also because I was pretty much alone in the world,” she told the Observer.

His first job outside of the military was as a room attendant at the historic St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. She said she was expecting Ronald and Nancy Reagan, actor Gene Autry and 1960s vocal group The Supremes.

She was also arrested a few times, she said, when San Francisco police raided gay nightclubs.

For years she lived privately as a woman but dressed as a man for work.

She met his future wife, originally from North Carolina, in 1971. They soon married and had the first of two children.


They moved to the Charlotte area in the 1970s. Dressed as a man, she was the Volunteer Fire Chief in Cabarrus County.

“I lived two lives, screaming for men to climb a ladder and put out a fire during the day, and go to clubs at night as Janice… wearing a miniskirt and heels,” she said. declared.

She finally stopped pretending in 2005, she said. “It was just the right time,” she said.

In 2012, North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District elected her the first transgender woman to represent the state at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte that year.

In 2013, she was elected the first transgender member of the Mecklenburg County Women’s Democratic Association and a voting member of the state’s Democratic Women’s Association.

They moved to the Charlotte area in the 1970s. Dressed as a man, she was the Volunteer Fire Chief in Cabarrus County.

“I lived two lives, screaming for men to climb a ladder and put out a fire during the day, and go to clubs at night as Janice… wearing a miniskirt and heels,” she said. declared.

She finally stopped pretending in 2005, she said. “It was just the right time,” she said.

In 2012, North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District elected her the first transgender woman to represent the state at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte that year.

In 2013, she was elected the first transgender member of the Mecklenburg County Women’s Democratic Association and a voting member of the state’s Democratic Women’s Association.

She unsuccessfully ran for president of the North Carolina Democratic Party at the time, but remained the party chair for diversity and outreach.


After Allison entered the toilet at the Convention Center and was kicked out by police, O’Neale Atkinson of gay rights group Time Out Youth called it the bravest person he has ever known.

Calling her friend “a tremendous advocate for LGBTQ people,” September McCrady told Go Fund Me that Allison “could light up a room with her smile and fight like hell for justice when she feels the need to.

“She has shared her interesting stories with me over the years of a life well lived, and I cherish them and am so grateful that I had her as a friend,” McCrady said.

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Guy Pearce in search of humanity with new film Zone 414: “The evolution of technology is both fascinating and disturbing” | Ents & Arts News Sat, 02 Oct 2021 05:08:08 +0000

It’s not everyday that you become existential with a movie star – but as Guy Pearce’s new film takes place in a futuristic world where realistic droids can’t be discerned from real people, he wonders what is that of being human.

In Zone 414, the actor plays David Carmichael, a former police officer tasked with finding the kidnapped daughter of the man who creates the world’s AI machines.

In order to find the missing girl, her character must befriend one of the lookalike robots, forcing her to think about what’s real and what’s programmed.

The film also stars Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz

Pearce, best known for films such as Memento and LA Confidential – as well as his rise to fame in the Australian soap opera Neighbors – told Sky News that this is a question we may need to ask ourselves as technology of the real world is getting smarter.

“All the evolution of technology and the direction we are heading and this rapid desire for very intelligent people who are inventing technology to create versions of ourselves is really both fascinating and disturbing at the same time,” he said. he declares.

“And the idea that these robots, these androids, will become more human or more human than us, or will they become human at all? You know, it’s also fascinating.”

The actor says he’s asked himself some basic questions.

“Where does humanity really come from? Where is she sitting? Is she just injected into us as humans or is there so much humanity in a chicken, but just because she doesn’t speak we don’t know and so could she to be implanted in a robot?

“This whole idea of ​​who we are and what our psychology is in that kind of setting was really fascinating. “

Despite grappling with issues with AI developments, Pearce said the technology was not something he knew about.

However, the star suspects he will eventually learn from the next generation.

Guy Pearce in area 414
“This whole idea of ​​our identity and our psychology in that kind of setting was really fascinating.”

“If Siri accidentally turns on, I immediately say ‘No, stop, I don’t need your help, go!’

“I’m not much of a Luddite, but just an old man I guess – it’s interesting to have Monty, my little boy. He’s only five years old, so he doesn’t really know what is going on yet. is possible on a screen, but you certainly see it being drawn and I know there will clearly come a time, probably very quickly, where it will be one step ahead of me. “

Pearce’s character in Zone 414 is a man of few words. He says he prefers to portray what is going on through his physique.

“I eliminate dialogue all the time if I can,” he said. “I have to be careful not to fall into the pattern of turning every character into a silent communicator, because that’s not good for every character – some people are naturally a lot more talkative.

“But in this case, we later understand the baggage that he brings with him and that at some level he shuts down as a human being – he just does what is necessary to survive … there is something thing in there that I find a little sympathetic and sad, noble or frustrating too. “

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Earlier this year, Pearce played Kate Winslet’s Love For Mare in the hugely popular American crime drama Mare Of Easttown.

As the Oscar-winning actor’s old friend, he joined the project late after another actor dropped out – and admitted that it still seemed odd that he was part of it.

“They had been running for a few months by the time I got there anyway, oddly enough. I did it one day on March 12 last year and we closed. [due to the pandemic],” he said.

“And I really only had about seven or eight days of work, so it ended up taking about six months because we didn’t come back until September of last year to finish my business, and so a In a weird way, I feel slightly disconnected from the show because it was such a brief time – but I also feel very connected to the show because of my connection with Kate. “

Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce star in Mare Of Easttown.  Photo: Sky UK / HBO
Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce star in Mare Of Easttown. Photo: Sky UK / HBO

Pearce, who was born in Cambridgeshire but raised in Australia, says he was “thrilled” when Winslet, Evan Peters and Julianne Nicholson won Emmys for their roles on the show.

“I was very, very happy for the show, but it was also funny watching the show because my story is kind of really separate from everything else in Mare’s life,” he said. “I was just there, I guess, to kind of remind Mare that she can have love in her life and work really hard.

“So it was funny watching the show because I just felt like I was a fan watching, you know, like anybody else can: Oh, and there’s me – oh that’s right, I forgot I did that. “

Zone 414 is available for digital download starting October 4

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Two McIntosh County Men Sentenced to Federal Jail for Armed Robbery, Other Charges | USAO-SDGA Fri, 01 Oct 2021 16:54:37 +0000

SAVANE, Georgia: Two McIntosh County men indicted in connection with a major drug trafficking operation have been sentenced to federal prison on armed robbery charges.

John hope jr., 28, of Townsend, Ga., Was sentenced to 111 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $ 677 in restitution after pleading guilty to interfering with the business by robbery and brandishing of a firearm during and in connection with a violent crime, said David H. Estes, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia.

Hope’s co-accused in the heist, Tyler marshall, 27, also from Townsend, was sentenced to 93 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $ 677 in restitution after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distributing methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine; and Interference with trade by robbery. There is no parole in the federal system.

“These two men chose not only to participate in a drug trafficking organization that spread poison throughout southern Georgia, but also to terrorize innocent people at gunpoint,” the US prosecutor said by interim Estes. “They well deserve their prison sentence.”

Hope and Marshall were among 17 defendants indicted in July 2020 in connection with Operation Krack Down, a Drug Trafficking Against Organized Crime (OCDETF) investigation that targeted a drug trafficking organization in the Liberty, Bryan, McIntosh and Wayne counties with links to the Ghost Face Gangsters. criminal street gang. At the time of the indictment, Hope and Marshall were in custody for the January 3, 2020 armed robbery of a Liberty County gas station.

Three other Operation Krack Down defendants have been sentenced to federal prison terms of up to 181 months after pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges, while six defendants await sentencing after pleading guilty. Five others are awaiting prosecution and are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty, and one accused, Cruz lawson, 33, from Jesup, Georgia, is a fugitive.

“The mission of the DEA is unwavering – we relentlessly pursue drug traffickers,” said Robert J. Murphy, the special agent in charge of the Atlanta field division of the Drug Enforcement Administration. “These defendants and their organization distributed dangerous drugs that caused immeasurable damage to the community of McIntosh County. These sentences are a perfect example of how the law enforcement community and the United States Attorney’s Office are working together to eliminate violent criminals from our streets. “

“Drugs and violence have no place in Georgia. Citizens deserve to feel safe, however, these two men threatened this coastal community and are now held accountable, ”said Vic Reynolds, director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. “The GBI values ​​its partnership with federal and local agencies, including prosecutors, to ensure justice is done. “

Operation Krack Down was investigated as part of the Anti-Drugs Against Organized Crime Working Groups. The OCDETF identifies, disrupts and dismantles the highest level criminal organizations that threaten the United States using a multi-agency, prosecutor-led, intelligence-led approach.

Agencies investigating the case include the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), US Marshals Service, Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office, the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department, and sued for the United States by OCDETF Coordinator and Assistant United States Attorney Marcela C. Mateo.

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