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During a contact with Despierta América, Venezuelan host Chiquinquirá Delgado and current partner of journalist Jorge Ramos, expressed concern about the journalistic work that her current partner is doing after Russia’s war against Ukraine.

On this occasion, the Creole witnessed something that caused her both pride and concern since Jorge was sent to Poland, very close to countries in conflict.

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Likewise, the presenter published in her Instagram stories a photograph of the journalist’s link with the morning show, which accompanied him with congratulations for his excellent work: “Bravo! #respect,” she added to her post.

This news for Chiqui did not please him since his partner had to report from the epicenter of one of the most devastating conflicts of recent times.

After that, Ramos commented during the connection that the Creole’s daughter asked him a very interesting question. “Today I was talking to Carlota, the daughter of Chiquinquirá Delgado, and she asked me: ‘And cats and dogs, what about pets? And yes, we see whole families, but the pets stayed in Ukraine,” she said.

Likewise, he said that crossing the border with Ukraine was not easy. “To get here is not easy, it’s 4 planes from Miami and by car, around 6 hours.”

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