Daniel Radcliffe called girls’ reactions to him in early ‘Harry Potter’ films ‘soul destroying’

Daniel Radcliffe and the Harry Potter The franchise went through many changes as the series progressed. For Radcliffe, these changes have made it difficult to look back on past events Harry Potter movies.

But perhaps what was more difficult than watching the previous films was watching some fans’ reactions to his scenes as a child.

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he was ’embarrassed’ by his debut in previous ‘Harry Potter’ films

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Radcliffe worked hard to build a successful and well-rounded acting career after Harry Potter. Since the end of those days, Radcliffe has had several unique projects on his movie resume. The woman in black, Horns, and Kill your darlings were all films he took risks on to add variety to his filmography.

But his growth as an actor and as a person has given Radcliffe a new perspective on his earlier work. See his game earlier Harry Potter movies, for example, was a little uneasy after years of honing his craft.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the experience. It showed me what I want to do with the rest of my life. Finding out what you like early on is really lucky,” he once said. Empire (Going through digital movie). “I’m extremely embarrassed by some of my acting, obviously. [laughs], but yeah, it’s like asking, ‘How do you feel about your teenage years?’ There’s so much in there that it’s almost impossible to single out a single feeling.

Daniel Radcliffe once called the reactions to him in the early ‘Harry Potter’ films ‘soul destroying’

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Radcliffe also spoke about how embarrassing it was to see himself on screen years earlier. In a 2007 interview with Weekly entertainmentthe actor remarked on how different he and his cast were in previous films.

“I saw a bunch of continuity photos from the first movie recently. I watched all of us, and it was pretty amazing. We’ve changed so much, it’s unreal,” he said.

Looking back at his 11-year-old self was sometimes difficult for The lost city actor who had matured as a performer since then.

“And I’m not going to look back and say I’m not proud of it, because I am. But it’s like seeing baby pictures of yourself. It’s always kind of embarrassing,” did he declare.

Of course, it wasn’t just Radcliffe who noticed these changes. His Harry Potter fans have also noticed Radcliffe’s maturation over the years. The order of the Phoenix highlighted these changes since the film showed flashbacks to a much younger Radcliffe in previous ones. Harry Potter movies. When Radcliffe personally saw reactions to his child-self, especially from girls, he was beyond embarrassed.

“I went to a screening with an audience, and when the shots of me young came on screen, some of the girls in the crowd were like, ‘Ooooh, cute!’ I slid into my seat,” he once said in a 2007 interview with Parade. “It was soul destroying. You have to remember that Harry Potter is not Peter Pan. The good thing is that he gets to grow. In some of the early films, I feel like I’m under helium, if we’re being honest.

Daniel Radcliffe joked that he disappoints kids who don’t think he’s Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter The franchise continues to grow its global fan base by recruiting new generations of fans. But seeing as some time passed, Radcliffe realized that some of the show’s new fans hadn’t connected the actor to his character due to his age.

“A thing has started to happen now where parents who are young enough to have seen the movies and grown up with them now have their own children and they introduce them to me. They say, ‘It’s Harry Potter’ and the kids look at me like, ‘No, I don’t,'” Radcliffe recalled on Live with Kelly and Ryan. “‘I saw the first two films and this guy is not Harry Potter.’ So I think with some kids there is sometimes an element of disappointment.

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