Danny Trejo talks Shadow of the Cat, horror movies, the importance of family and acting

One of Hollywood’s biggest names, Danny Trejo has starred in many unforgettable titles including spy on kids, The devil’s rejectionsand the cult classic From dusk till dawn. He is generally considered the badass, given the deep timbre of his voice and his tattooed look, but in his latest project, The shadow of the catTrejo’s character is more than meets the eye.

The film, directed by Jose Maria Cicala and written by Cicala, Griselda Sanchez and Gustavo Lencina, follows Gato and his teenage daughter Emma and their lives on an isolated farm. The young girl finds a cell phone and is contacted by someone claiming to know her estranged mother. As Emma embarks on a journey to connect with the woman, her worried father and his friend Sombra (Trejo) race to save her from her dark, supernatural fate. The shadow of the cat tells a nightmarish story about family and love, and effortlessly connects to the Gen Z experience of digital media and the desire to belong, despite its classic horror feel. Rant Game had the opportunity to chat with Danny Trejo about what drew him to this film, his character Sombra and his acting career.


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Game Rant: what do you think of the DVD and digital release of The shadow of the cat?

Danny Trejo: It’s awesome. People will love it. It’s one of those movies with a lot of twists and turns. it makes me think of the omenthe first scary, really scary movie that was released without a monster.

GR: What attracted you to the film?

Trejo: When I first read it, it was in Spanish and I was like, “Yeah, that’s cool. Let’s do that. I also liked the fact that you didn’t know the type of character Sombra is. Is he a good guy? Is he a villain?

GR: You mentioned that you read the script, and you thought about the omen and all those other non-monster horror movies. What are some of the inspirations you used for your character?

Trejo: Maybe Indiana Jones. He is a calm and monosyllabic type. This character is so strong, and he goes from being this bad guy to singing by the fireside with the band. I like the arch.

GR: The film depicts a wonderful father-daughter relationship, and also this thrilling adventure. What are you most expecting from viewers?

Trejo: Certainly Guillermo Zapata. He’s an amazing actor – he plays the loving dad and also a totally drugged guy, he’s done it all. And then Maïté [Lanata]the young woman who plays Emma, ​​she plays a fun, loving girl and all of a sudden, wum, she’s crazy.

GR: What is the most important message that the film delivers?

Trejo: Family. The family was tight and it was great. I am a big family guy and hire single parents. I was at a graduation recently and it was so heartwarming. This young lady graduated and had two kids, and she said, “First of all, I want to apologize to my kids, for not tucking them in because I had a homework to finish. at 11 p.m. that night and I want to thank them for going to bed.” It was amazing. I had to speak after this young lady and I was like “I need a minute”. It was so beautiful.

GR: What lessons have you learned from working on this project and playing Sombra?

Trejo: From the project, first, how important the family is, second, that anything is possible. Everything is possible. I mean, I was in Argentina, and I thought, “Wow, I’m here and the people are wonderful. And anything is possible with God on your side.” It’s so simple.

GR: You came to this film with such an impressive resume. Do you take something away from every project you work on? Do you ever find yourself challenged in a new way?

Trejo: I don’t think movies are difficult. For me, there is so much fun. I like to be with people who like what they do. It’s almost like a gift from God. It’s a gift. I see people who can’t do that. Some people think it’s easy. I remember working on this movie called death wish 4, one of my first films, and this young woman wanted a line. So I said, “Okay, when you come hand me a drink, say ‘Will there be anything else?'” And she came over and handed me the drink, and everybody waited a minute, then she just gave me the drink and I left. I get it, you know, it’s simple to say you can do it, until there’s 80 million people watching you.

The shadow of the cat had its DVD and Digital HD release on June 14, 2022.

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