DC Fans Make It Very Clear What They Think About Ezra Miller’s Flash Movie

One of the most poignant comments on social media came from @Nicholas68859166stating that “Zaslav’s comment about not releasing a DC movie unless he ‘believes in it’ will definitely backfire when he decides to release a movie starring an actor who has literally smothered a girl, threatened to kill a couple and kidnapped a teenager.” @GuyAtTheMovies1 reflected a similar sentiment that Ezra Miller was “problematic as hell,” but also looked at the situation from an economic perspective: “Disappointed they’re moving forward with #TheFlash, honestly…they probably haven’t no benefits of not posting it, but ugh.”

Ultimately, the issue is in the eye of the beholder. But if the overwhelming outcry over what Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery are doing is any indication, the movie probably won’t be as profitable as they assume. @navvet96 essentially accused the production company of being blatantly sexist. “Warner Bros. allowed Ezra Miller to get away with some crazy bullshit, but canceling Batgirl is definitely a sexist decision on the part of those responsible!” they wrote, concluding their message with a call for a boycott of Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, @HaleyTheRadiant replied to Variety’s announcement tweet using a two-part GIF of fictional feminist icon Johanna Mason from “The Hunger Games” saying, “Well you know what? F*** that! And all those who have something to do with it!” If Warner Bros. Discovery’s costumes aren’t careful how they go about it, it looks like they could be facing a mighty wave of boycotts and backlash from fans.

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