Death of Vismaya: Chackoyum actress Maryyum Monisha speaks out against dowry, says “Dear men, if you want luxury, work hard and earn it”

The death of a 24-year-old Vismaya from Kerala has sparked huge outrage in the state. From the common man to the celebrities, many have been seen raising their voices against the dowry. Chackoyum Maryyum actress Monisha also raised her voice and shared a thought-provoking video.

In the video shared on her social media account, Monisha shared a post for the men and women in the company.

“Dear men, if you want luxury, speak loudly and earn it on your own. What is the logic of getting it from your wife? Marriage is not an improvement in your life status. you are not financially stable to run a family, please do not marry. Also, you are not allowed to hurt a woman and say “I did it out of anger”., ” she said.

Later in the video, Monisha added that women should be courageous in coming out of a toxic relationship.

“You may think that if you divorce your family’s dignity will be at stake. You might be afraid of societal issues. Please don’t worry about all of this. Know your worth. a toxic relationship. Please be strong enough to come out if you are not treated well, ”she added.

Here is the video:

Work-wise, Monisha has become a household name with her lead character Jaani, on the Manjurukum Kaalam show. Lately she has won applause for her character Neelambari in ‘Chackoyum Maryyum’.

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