Dermot Mulroney Interview: Hanna Season 3

Screen Rant interviews Hanna star Dermot Mulroney about the fate of John Carmichael in Season 3 and what it’s like to work with Ray Liotta as president.

In Hanna season 3, John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney) finds himself caught in the middle of the war between Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles), Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) and UTRAX president Gordon Evans (Ray Liotta). Former UTRAX chief of operations, Carmichael’s fate is decided in Hanna season 3 as he must choose where his true loyalty resides.

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screen delirium spoke with Dermot Mulroney about how he joined Hanna, where Carmichael really fits Hanna season 3, and working with Ray Liotta.

Screen Rant: You’ve entered Hanna in Season 2 and you’re back as John Carmichael in Season 3. What originally attracted you to the role?


Dermot Mulroney: There was no doubt I was going to play that role. It just came out of nowhere for me. I have been blessed this way. But I had seen Hanna season 1 before so I knew they were really into something. It is rare that I am added – this has only happened once or twice – to an already successful show. An incredible call to be obtained. But I really didn’t know much about the incoming character. [He] was revealed to me script by script. I just knew this character was going to bide his time throughout the story and then, eventually, [showrunner] David Farr would throw him in the shit, that’s for sure! [laughs]

It was a great, slow-burning role that at the start of Season 3 is really 180 from what it was in Season 2. In Season 2, he’s directing it all. [UTRAX]. He developed these baby wolf assassins and was pretty proud of himself I think. We find him at the start of Season 3 about three or four days after he got shot by Hanna and told by Marissa, “Now you work for me.” And here he is in a whole different circumstance, and in danger, which he really hadn’t been in season 2. So it really takes off for Carmichael. Again, a slow burn, but a great ending, reveal, twists and action. It really is fantastic.

Carmichael Marissa

At the start of Season 3, Carmichael is between a rock and a hard place. He still runs UTRAX, but he works for Marissa and he can’t get caught. Can you talk about what it was like for Carmichael to balance that tightrope?

Dermot Mulroney: I’m thinking of season 1, [Carmichael] would have worked hand in hand with Marissa. And in Hanna season 2, I work * for * her. So this is the big turn. I think his character and personal nature are quite contained. He’s a spy. He’s a master spy, even if you allow his ego to be a part of it. Now things are going completely upside down for him and he has to act like everything is normal. Now there’s a liar that’s got to act like he’s not lying, and then about four more layers wrapped around that. It comes from the mind of David Farr and the way he slowly donned this character.

You’ve also worked alongside Ray Liotta as the big bad for the entire series. How was it ?

Dermot Mulroney: The actor also learns, as audiences do, that Carmichael was not the alpha male / supreme authority [behind UTRAX]. there is at least one [guy] above him is the president, as he is known, of the UTRAX program, and who is played by Ray Liotta. For me, it was just a dream, anyway.

In one of our episodes, there’s a really intense scene where the President has a few choice words for Mr. Carmichael and it turns our story in a whole new direction. And then there are about six more twists after that.

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Hanna Season 3 is streaming on Prime Video.

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