Elizabeth Taylor first married at 18, but the union barely lasted after their honeymoon

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most successful actresses of her time, with a career spanning more than five decades, but her personal life often eclipsed her life on the big screen.

Few Hollywood stars can boast of the success and fame of Elizabeth Taylor, who started her career as a child star and went on to become one of the biggest names in the film industry.

While her career has been successful, Taylor’s personal life has often made the headlines and kept it in the public eye for the wrong reasons. At one point, she was called a household breaker.

Without a doubt, Taylor was the most sought after actress of Hollywood’s golden age. Her purple eyes, her rich collection of jewelry, several affairs and weddings, and her charming body made it impossible to neglect her personal life.

Taylor was born in London, England on February 27, 1932, and had a career that spanned over six decades. The late actress was known for her daring to take on emotionally challenging roles, as well as her ability to take on occasional comedic roles.

Her mother was an actress before she married, and Taylor had always wanted to be too. Therefore, her mother made it a point to prepare her for the stage from birth.

Taylor had her first acting experience when she was a little girl and once gave a recital for British Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret when she was a little girl.

The star of “Cleopatra” began her acting career in 1942 with the movie “One Born Every Minute”, but fame came after her participation in the 1944 film “National Velvet”. The film grossed millions of dollars and turned her into a superstar.

Back then, most child stars struggled to make the transition to adult roles, but Taylor did so almost effortlessly and quickly, becoming one of the most prominent characters in the industry.

Her mature and endearing appearances helped her career, and she was cast alongside renowned artists like Spencer Tracy in the 1950 film “Father of the Bride” when she was just 18 years old.

It was difficult for young Taylor to go unnoticed, and while she was still a teenager, several prominent figures were captivated by her charms and beauty. At just 17, she was in a relationship with millionaire Howard Hughes.

She was often linked to several public figures, including sports stars. Her first engagement was to William D. Pawley, the 22-year-old son of a former ambassador to Brazil. Their engagement was called off three months later.

Taylor made headlines for the many times she walked down the aisle, as well as for how quickly she got out of her weddings. Before her 24th birthday, the actress had already divorced three times. She has been married eight times to seven different men.

Her seven husbands included a hotel chain heir, an English actor, a flamboyant producer, a pop crooner, a Welsh actor (twice), a US senator, and a construction worker, which ended quite shamefully and was his last attempt at wedding.

Taylor’s first wedding was with hotel heir Conrad Hilton Jr. whom she married a few weeks after turning 18. But, like most of his marriages, the union was only temporary. The duo organized an expensive wedding by MGM, but the breakup came as quickly as the love happened.

Hilton was 23 at the time of their marriage in 1950, and their marriage, chaired by a Catholic priest, quickly became the topic of town conversation and was honored by several prominent figures.

The duo had a honeymoon that lasted for several weeks, but for Taylor, the end of their honeymoon marked the end of their marriage, as what followed was brutality and a series of shocking events.

The union ended after eight months. As it turned out, Hilton started drinking on their wedding night, and despite several calls to quit drinking, the hotel heir refused. After their honeymoon, Taylor returned home and filed for divorce.

Taylor explained to the court that her young husband used abusive language towards her and barely paid him any attention. She got a divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty and resumed her maiden name. Hilton died 11 years later of a heart attack.

After her marriage to Hilton broke down, Taylor didn’t have to wait too long to find the next man ready to walk her down the aisle. This time around, she found love with a man 20 years her senior, actor Michael Wilding.

Despite how strange it was to be married to an older man, Taylor noted that she appreciated the peace and comfort the relationship provided her. The duo welcomed two children together before going their separate ways.

For her third marriage, Taylor met and married famous producer Michael Todd, with whom she had a daughter.

Things looked rosy and Taylor looked like she had been taken off the market for good, but Todd’s life was cut short by a plane crash, and Taylor was to cause controversy with her next lover.

After her husband’s death, Taylor formed a relationship with singer Eddie Fisher, who was Todd’s best friend and best man at their wedding as well as the husband of close friend Debbie Reynolds.

The union drew a lot of criticism after Fisher left his wife and children in favor of Taylor, but unfortunately Taylor would later quit Fisher after meeting Richard Burton during filming.

The duo got married and were known for their intense romance as well as their many feuds. The couple separated in 1974, remarried in 1975, and eventually divorced the following year.

In 1976, Taylor married Virginian John W. Warner and helped her political ambitions before their divorce in 1982. And for her last marriage, she married Larry Fortensky, a 37-year-old construction worker, whom she met. while they were both in treatment at the Betty Center Ford.

The duo married on Michael Jackson’s ranch and divorced in 1996. After their divorce, Taylor admitted that she was done with the marriage but would continue to be linked with several men until her marriage. died in 2011.

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