Every James Bond Actor Ranked: From Sean Connery To Daniel Craig, Who Best Played The British Spy?

Six actors have left their mark on the role of sweet British spy James Bond so far. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, each brought something of their own to the role, making each Bond on screen unique.

But what is the best representation? As Craig concludes his journey as James Bond with No Time to Die by Cary Joji Fukunaga, here is a ranking of each of them, from bottom to top:

Georges lazenby

The casting of the Australian actor-model in the role of Bond raised eyebrows more than one. And he only played once in the prestigious role. While her performance wasn’t bad, she wasn’t distinct or nuanced enough. The reception given to his film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was stifled at the time, but it is now considered one of the best James Bond films. The film, however, is best known for Tracy di Vincenzo, Diana Rigg’s Bond girl.

Timothy dalton

Again, Timothy Dalton is one of the best actors to try out the role of James Bond, but he wasn’t necessarily the best suited for the role. He wasn’t classically handsome Bond, fans say. He also only had two films to show his courage.

Roger moore

Roger Moore has the distinction of playing James Bond in most films: 7. He was an established television actor before The Man with the Golden Gun, his first Bond film. He played the role until he looked visibly old in A View to a Kill (1985)

Pierce brosnan

For his time, Pierce Brosnan was the perfect tie as a tie – he had charm to spare, the movies were filled with cheeky humor, and he had the look people expect from 007. He starred in four films – GoldenEye , Tomorrow Never Dies, the world is not enough and dies another day. While three of the movies went well, he came out with a dud that didn’t help his legacy. But Brosnan was by far a Bond who came closest to Ian Fleming’s original vision.

Daniel Craig

There were many reviews of Craig’s casting in Casino Royale as James Bond. “He’s too small,” was a common refrain. Craig didn’t just prove everyone wrong, he helped modernize the character. The grainy portrayal is now beloved and most fans of the character are sad to see him go.

Sean connery

Was there any doubt? The late Scottish legend because of which James Bond is such a household name, Sean Connery’s take on Agent M16 was the very definition of a good-natured and sophisticated master spy. He was the first to say the words “Bond. James Bond. ”In Dr. No, and what would otherwise be an absurd set of words suddenly acquired an aura of style. The first and still the definitive James Bond.

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