FFXIV Endwalker Expansion Lets Male Viera Wear Maid Outfits

A bunny in a crop top waves to the camera.

Screenshot: Square Enix

This morning Square Enix released a huge list upcoming changes Final Fantasy XIV with the imminent expansion of the MMORPG, Endwalker (no relation). The breakdown is a dizzying amount of detail, but the one thing you should take away from it is that the new Viera bunny boys will thankfully be able to wear maid outfits.

Endwalker Launches in Early Access on December 3 for players who pre-ordered the expansion, and regular access to former Joe Schmoe on December 7 for everyone else. It is Final Fantasy XIVthe biggest update to date, acting as the culmination of a story arc that began in 2013 with the A kingdom reborn revision. But as today’s patch notes indicate, it’s also going to introduce a lot of cool, smaller things between epic storytelling moments and new classes.

From the end of the week, all Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to equip clothing from the Spring, Thavnairian, Housemaid, Loyal Housemaid, Butler and Loyal Butler sets regardless of their gender. This was done, at least in my one-lane mind, to ensure the impending avalanche of male Viera – a rabbit-like breed that was previously reserved for females. Endwalker-can be as sexy as possible. Bunny boys are one thing, but bunny boys in cute dresses and frilly tights? Give this game all the rewards.

Another change related to clothing is the removal of belts from a character’s wardrobe. After Endwalker, Belts will no longer be purchasable, equippable, or tradable, but will still exist in-game as a fun reminder of what once was. A new description applied to all belt armor will now explain that belts have become “obsolete” in the world of. Final Fantasy XIV, thanks to “progress in sewing”.

A screenshot of the new humorous description added to the Final Fantasy XIV belts

Screenshot: Square Enix

I’m also super excited about all the new monsters Endwalker will undoubtedly require us to scale back over the course of the story and its side quests, especially these two lunar variants of the Cactuar. The first, nicknamed “Slender Cactuar” by some in the Final Fantasy XIV community, appears to have been affected by the altered gravity of the moon, while the latter is a fabulously stylish elite mark that players can hunt during the space adventure.

A collage of various fantastic creatures.

Screenshot: Square Enix

That’s all Endwalker things that I find most interesting, but that doesn’t even begin to cover the sharp quality-of-life improvements that the extension brings to Final Fantasy XIV.

Aether currents in areas introduced by previous updates will be reduced and reorganized, making it easier to unlock your mounts’ ability to fly. The window in which players can combine skills has been increased. Healer’s Limit has almost doubled its range. Traveling via Aethernet now displays a map for easier destination selection. The group list will now indicate who or what is targeted by the spells. DualSense controllers will now take advantage of their haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Endwalker It’s shaping up to be something really special, and we’re just days away from finally getting our hands on it. Stay strong, adventurers, while we endure the longest Final Fantasy XIV Waiting lines we’ve probably never seen. At least you will have time to read again the complete and massive list of changes.

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