Frozen Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “The Edge”

Greg in Season 1 of The History Channel’s “Alone: ​​Frozen”

The first season of the History Channel Only spin off, Alone: ​​Frozen, continues with episode three – “The Edge”. Airing August 25, 2022, episode three begins with five elders Only competitors remaining in the quest for the $500,000 prize. Whoever makes it to day 50 will win a share of the pot.

Episode three takes the action in the freezing Labrador desert six days into the competition until 10th. Early in the episode, it appeared that many of the remaining survivors were so cold, hungry, and miserable that they were ready to retire. But by the time the episode ended, four continued the challenge.

Greg Ovens, 58, British Columbia – Season 3, survived 51 days

44 days left: Greg has decided to retire. He feels a lot of anxiety and Labrador brings up too many memories of Patagonia. Also, he couldn’t catch any fish and was forced to eat only mussels.

Greg decided this was a game for younger kids. He is not going to push himself to thrive at the risk of harming his health. With only four people remaining in the challenge, the four remaining survivors are now assured of a $125,000 payout. if they all arrive at day 50.

Alone Frozen Season 1 Callie
Callie in Season 1 of “Alone: ​​Frozen” (Photo Credit: The History Channel)

Callie Russell, 34, Montana – Season 7, survived 89 days

44 Days Left: Callie whispers, pointing to a seal on a rock right behind her. She has decided that the seal is a female and that it is her friend.

Callie is determined not to leave unless she’s hurt or can’t find food. She sets out to collect mussels, noting that at low tide the grocery store opens. The seal blubber she’s already harvested combined with those mussels and seaweed covers just about every major food group: fats, proteins, greens, and vitamins. She still hopes to fish using her trapline.

For now, the mussels will be a food source she can rely on.

Back at camp, she cooks a stew while acknowledging that she’s never lived on the coast before. The seaweed she cooks (Bladderwrack) is used to treat thyroid problems.

42 days left: Callie heads to the beach to get some water and sees a grouse. She didn’t bring her bow and her head back to retrieve it. Hope she can find him. She dreams of pulling one and really thinks a big bite of grouse would be delicious.

She looks for grouse, listens and observes as she walks through the forest. Callie hears the grouse call and takes a picture. She misses and her arrow lands in the water. She doesn’t want to wait for low tide because she’s afraid it will have dissipated by then.

The ocean is only 36 degrees when she enters it to retrieve her arrow. She goes waist deep and retrieves it, but she’s freezing now. Callie admits she wanted to go to the Atlantic anyway.

Callie returns to her shelter to warm up her feet. Her previous frostbite injury makes her sensitive again, and she is aware that she needs to warm her toes to prevent it. Callie realizes this season that she will have to constantly take care of her feet if she wants to last 50 days.

Alone Frozen Season 1 Amos
Amos in ‘Alone: ​​Frozen’ season 1 (Photo credit: The History Channel)

Amós Rodriguez, 41, Indiana – Season 7, survived 58 days

44 days to go: Amós is working on his fire inside his shelter when we catch up with him. He needs to work seriously on collecting firewood which was one of his downfalls from his previous Only live. Unfortunately, his region does not have a lot of firewood resources. However, he finds a long piece of driftwood which he is able to cut for lumber.

Amós truly hopes to connect with this land and is grateful to the indigenous peoples who allow them to continue this quest of self-discovery.

It burns around 500 calories per hour chopping wood. He gets tired and makes a mistake, nearly cutting his leg. Amós decides it’s better to take a break than cut his leg.

41 days left: Lack of food, dehydration and cold have depressed Amós. It’s only been a week and he can’t believe he already feels like this.

Amós checks for fish stuck in the shallows and casts his line into the ocean. A fish or a rabbit won’t help much because of the number of calories it burns just to survive. He loves to fish and survived on fish for 50 days Only.

That night, Amós admits that fishing on foot will not be enough. Instead, he’ll try to figure out how to hunt a bear. This is the only way his high metabolism will allow him to survive until the end.

Only Frozen Season 1 Woniya
Woniya in The History Channel’s “Alone: ​​Frozen” Season 1

Woniya Thibeault, 45, CA – Season 6, survived 73 days

43 Days Left: It’s 2:30 a.m. when Woniya accidentally sprays his sleeping bag and clothes, including his fur parka and rain jacket. The safety comes off easily and she didn’t realize it had been knocked off. She also has some on her hands where she has open sores.

“A night not as restful as I really hoped,” Woniya laughs.

She’s also touched her eyes during the night, which is horrible, and she can’t put on her rain jacket without getting pepper spray all over everything she’s wearing.

A little later, she zooms in on the pepper spray on his jacket, and it’s definitely coated. Her solution is to rub the dirt on it, like she does poison ivy when she’s on a run. If it doesn’t remove the pepper spray, it will at least form a protective layer over the chemical.

On the bright side, bears sniffing his wall might not want to hang around for long.

The tide is the lowest since she started her journey, and she wants to collect as many mussels as she can. She calls it Operation Mussel Farm and wants to harvest them from time to time, then store them somewhere accessible (and still in water) for when she needs them.

Woniya remembers spending too many calories on things that didn’t feed her during season six. She is changing her strategy for this season.

The tide rises when she realizes that the bag she was storing her mussels in has drifted in the water. It’s too great a resource to let go, so she gets rid of the bare necessities to get it back. She is able to catch it, but the water is incredibly cold. The area is known as Iceberg Alley for good reason.

40 days left: The storm is intense and kicks him in the ass. His one dependable, warm, dry wall of rock is now leaking and his sleeping bag is soaked. It’s 34 degrees and now she thinks the location of the shelter was too big of a gamble. Her tarp has a lot of holes in it and she admits the Arctic felt abandoned and easy compared to what she endures in Labrador.

Morning comes and Woniya smiles showing a beautiful full rainbow. She is delighted to see days without rain and now that it has stopped raining, she has to deal with the rain inside her shelter. She has based her strategy on snow, not rain, and needs to shore up her shelter.

A large amount of wood has washed up on the shore that she can use for her shelter. Woniya believes that her shelter is not just for warmth but also psychologically important and comforting.

The rain starts again as she continues to work on her shelter. She fills in areas with holes on her tarp with branches while expressing how proud she is to be part of a group of survivalists like this.

Soon after, the storm appears to have passed and the sun breaks through the clouds just before sunset.

Alone Frozen Season 1 Michelle
Michelle on The History Channel’s “Alone: ​​Frozen” Season 1

Michelle Finn, 47, Maine – Season 8, survived 21 days

43 days to go: Michelle works on finishing her shelter while noticing the calm of the day. She is happy that she pooped in the morning and is glad that she only missed two days to do so so far. In her previous challenge, she went nine days without pooping.

Today, she plans to collect clams and mussels at low tide, although she prefers to hunt.

She spots a grouse and whistles, hoping to lead it back to its shelter so she can grab her bow – which she forgot to bring.

She shoots and it’s a killer. She is excited about the prospect of a great evening meal and thinks about it a little fondly. This is his first kill on Onlyalthough she always knew she could be a hunter.

She never had the opportunity in her previous years Only season to even shoot a single arrow.

Michelle adds cranberries while preparing her first grouse. She feels immense gratitude to the grouse for providing a decent meal.

42 days left: The wind has been so crazy that Michelle hasn’t slept much. Once the sun is up, she gets back to work on her shelter. It needs to be strong and insulated from the winds, and she’s determined to protect the tarp from tears and wind by creating a kind of ladder and laying foam on it. The foam will provide insulation and hold the tarp in place.

Michelle feels like this area is her home and she was meant to be here. She didn’t feel grounded in season eight, but this season she does. She wants to get out of that sense of accomplishment and believe that she has learned from her mistakes.

His previous season taught him to immediately take shelter and immediately start hunting and fishing. “That’s how I’ll be here for 50 days,” Michelle said.

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