Haunted house actor stabbed 11-year-old boy’s foot while trying to scare him

The Child, who was about to start walking through 7 Floors of Hell – a popular horror attraction in Berea – when a worker holding a real Bowie The knife tried to scare him and hit his foot on September 18, Rodney Geffert, president of Night Scream Entertainment, owner of 7 Floors of Hell, told CNN.

“He walked up to my son and he was holding the knife, and his intentions were to scare him, but my son responded by saying, ‘That’s wrong. I’m not scared, “the mother of the child, Karen Bednarski, told CNN affiliate. WEWS-TV
It was then that the actor started dragging the knife and stabbing him on the floor when he hit the young boy’s crocodile sandals and cut his big toe, WEWS reported.

Workers immediately took the child to their first aid area where they disinfected the cut, which Geffert said was about a third of an inch long. until the arrival of his mother.

The boy needed a bandage and refused further medical attention. He and his mother continued in the House of Horror until they completed the attraction, according to Geffert.

“I didn’t want to do a scene, of course. I wanted to go about it in the proper way,” Bednarski said in response, explaining why she had continued through the house of horror.

7 Floors of Hell enforces “strict rules and protocols” that do not allow their creepy actors to carry real guns; only rubber and foam accessories, Geffert said. The actor was let go, he added.

“He did something he wasn’t supposed to do,” Geffert said. “He went to his car and did this of his own free will and we do not tolerate or condone this.”

Lt. Tom Walker of the Berea Police Department said WEWS the 22-year-old actor has been charged with negligent assault.

“I can’t explain why he brought the real knife,” Walker said. “He should have used a fake prop or a rubber rubber knife. Obviously, a bad decision on his part to bring a real knife to the fairgrounds. And he was charged with negligent assault on the fairground. following this decision. “

Despite the incident, Geffert says he hopes customers will understand that 7 Floors of Hell is a safe attraction and that the actor’s actions do not reflect their business.

“We upgraded their tickets and they went through all the houses and then said they had a great time when they were done,” Geffert said. “We’ve been in business for 21 years, we’re a very safe event and it’s just something the actor foolishly did on his own. He apologized and stayed with the boy the whole time and had it. helped take off his shoe. It was an accident. “

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