Here’s Who Nope’s Brandon Perea Wants To Play In The MCU

In an interview with Remezcla released alongside the premiere of “No,” Brandon Perea has revealed he hopes the next step in his acting career will be a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Remezcla shared this interview on Twitter, Perea’s quote tweeted it on own account and added that he would love to play Sam Alexander, known in Marvel comics as the superhero Nova.

As reported on the wonder website, Sam is the second person to don the Nova mantle, after another human named Richard Rider. Nova is part of a larger intergalactic crime-fighting team called the Nova Corps, so when Sam steps into the role, he becomes a member of the team, which spans multiple planets across the universe.

In fact, plans for a Nova project are currently underway – in March, Deadline reported that Marvel Studios had hired Sabir Pirzada as a writer, though hardly any other development details were announced. Theoretically, then, this MCU “Nova” could feature Richard Rider as the protagonist. Either way, Perea appears to have publicly thrown his hat in the ring to play Sam Alexander, whether in the “Nova” project currently in development, or a future “Nova” that follows Marvel Comics canon and casts him as the second incarnation of the intergalactic superhero.

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