House of the Dragon: Too many sex scenes, according to the main actor

Slowly but surely Game of Thrones-Fans are getting a little hungry. George RR Martin is busy writing and planning his first book, and the next book doesn’t seem ready yet.


Luckily, there are finally new toys from the fantasy epic starting August 21. The first episode of the series was meant to excite critics, and so it could provoke words like that that were magic. Matt Smith is also happy with this series, but still has something to complain about.

“Field of the Dragon: Matt Smith is a racist and sexy man and the desire to reach the end of the book, and also to represent more books in particular”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed how many locals called the 11th Doctor Who and now the Dragon Prince, Demon Targaryen, that his narrator is too cautious in his opinion, and in his opinion, he lost a lots of skin. When asked, he said there were too many sexual scenes in the show, and that the books needed to be portrayed more strongly instead:

You like, Do we need another sex scene? And they’re like, Yes, we do. I think you should look like, what are you doing here? Do you represent them or do you reduce their book number to the time that would make them represent in our lives? And I actually think it’s our duty to faithfully represent books that have been written with faithful care. Find out what Matt Smith loves about his role as Aemon Targaryen and what he thinks of the Game of Thrones ending on the next page!

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