How ‘Halo Infinite’ star Jen Taylor coordinated with ‘Halo’ TV series to play Cortana in live-action

Halo video gamers will see a familiar face, and especially hear his voice, in the Paramount+ series. Jen Taylor reprized her role as Cortana from the freshly released games Infinite Halo. Halo cast Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, along with Bokeem Woodbine, Natasha McElhone and other co-stars.

Jen Taylor | Paramount+

Halo Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill and Schreiber were part of a Television Critics Association panel for Halo February 1. They discussed bringing Cortana from Xbox to streaming screens as played by Taylor. Halo premieres March 24 on Paramount+ and we’ll have more with the creators here on Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Jen Taylor Was Almost Too Busy With ‘Halo Infinite’ To Make The Series

Infinite Halo is Taylor’s sixth appearance as Cortana, seven if you count Halo: scope. Manufacturing on Infinite Halo and the Paramount+ series overlapped.

“Jen Taylor is kind of a magical being, so to be able to have her for the show was amazing,” Wolfkill said. “I mean, frankly, when we started the show, she was knee-deep in Infinite Halo, in the game. So even seeing if we could get him was something we weren’t sure about, without disrupting the game schedule. Then with the COVID schedule slips, like everything fell into place.

Jen Taylor brought ‘Halo Infinite’ to the origin story

Halo begins from the beginning of the marine space world. Taylor might be the veteran schooling all newbies.

“Bringing her on board, not just because she’s an amazing person on set and feels like a little piece of home to me, but bringing her voice and the whole story with that character was, I think, the most valuable part of it,” Wolfkill said.

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Cortana is the source of information on Master Chief’s mission. Schreiber said Taylor was a valuable partner on the set of Halo.

“We had to work together to do a lot of things on motion capture,” Schreiber said. “It was wonderful to have him on board because of the continuity of, you know, the game on screen. And so, it was great to work on all of that, but really wonderful to work with all the artists here .

Newbies make Master Chief and Cortana proud

The rest of the Halo actors bring video game characters to life. McElhone plays Dr. Halsey. Woodbine plays Soren, who appeared in Halo literature.

“Obviously Chief and Cortana have a very special relationship, but the story between Chief and Halsey, played by the wonderful Natascha McElhone, is obviously another pivotal relationship,” Schreiber said. “Chief and Soren also have this long, very tortured history, but also very close. And getting to do that with Bokeem was amazing.

Charlie Murphy and Yerin Ha play new characters for the Halo world, Makee and Kwan Ha respectively.

“Introducing a few new characters to the lore was really exciting as well,” Schreiber said. “We have to bring in Charlie’s character, Makee. And I have a lot of things with her towards the end of the season that are really fantastic. Charlie is amazing and this amazing new performer, Yerin Ha, who came in and played Kwan Ha, who’s a brand new character created for our show. To get to do all of that, to create the story and the continuity of the franchise with the game, but also to create these new characters, it was all so exciting.

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