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Baptiste returns for the last time after the character made his debut in The Missing series. Julien Baptiste himself is played by Tchéky Karyo, who will be the last time he will play the role. But how many episodes does the second season of the BBC series have?

How many episodes are there in Baptiste season 2?

Baptiste fans have been awaiting the return of the series since its debut in 2019.

After a two-year hiatus, Baptiste is back, bringing fans another reluctant adventure for the hardened sleuth.

On the sidelines of retirement, Baptiste will have to tackle one of his most difficult affairs and he commits himself once again to the belly of society.

The official synopsis reads: “When the whole family of British Ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw) goes missing on a ski vacation in the Hungarian mountains, Baptiste delves into Emma’s world, determined to find her husband and two sons. “

The first season took place in Amsterdam, however, the second season brings Baptiste to Hungary, as he roams the streets of Budapest.

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There will be eight episodes in season two, more than the number six in season one.

The new season will air on BBC One on Sunday July 19e at 9 p.m. and will be available on BBC iPlayer the same day.

Star Karyo recently sat down with The Version to discuss where Baptiste is in season two and what he’s going through.

The star explained, “Julien has reached his core. He’s filled with anger, bitterness, pain, and he doesn’t know where north or south is.

“Julien is lost; he becomes aggressive, he loses his temper and causes great pain to those close to him at home.

This is how we discover it at the beginning of the series. Then we go through different time periods to understand where he came from and finally see how great his capacity for resilience is. “

This darkest hour for Baptiste will also be his last as the showrunners of the series have confirmed that there will be no third season.

The series was originally intended to receive three seasons, however, co-creators Harry and Jack Williams decided it was time to end the character’s story.

Speaking to Metro, Harry Williams explained, “I think we started to worry that this is becoming a formula. Do we suddenly make him another cop?

“When we wrote it, we started to realize that if we did this, we wouldn’t have a chance to do another one. It’s about doing the right thing for the character and not saying “Hey, we’ll be back next year with some crazier adventures.” It’s something big, that we all love and are proud of ”

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However, Karyo is hopeful that he can reprise his role in the future.

Baptiste originally appeared on the BBC series The Missing, which ran from 2014 to 2016, with the new series being a spin-off of the character.

There is clearly a demand for Baptiste, when asked if he would still be playing the role in 10 years, Karyo told RadioTimes: “I mean, if I’m in good shape, why not?”

“You know, it depends. For the moment, we can, we can’t, who knows? It’s not really decided but he’s a good character, he’s still an amazing cast. They do a great job, you see all the actors I’ve worked with – it’s fantastic.

Fans will have to be hopeful that Baptiste will be back in a new form after the season two premiere.

Karyo, 67, was originally born in Turkey and has pursued a prolific career in film and television.

The star can be seen in classic films such as The Patriot, The Core, Nikita and Kiss of the Dragon.

Most recently, Karyo starred in the Possessions series as Yoel, as well as in The Name of the Rose as Papa Giovanni XXII.

The second season of Baptiste will be available on BBC One on July 18.

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