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Under Deck fans will remember Kate Chastain who starred on the show until 2020. Kate still appears on the show, providing commentary in more Bravo Under Deck content. But how old is Kate Chastain now?

How old is Kate Chastain on the lower deck?

Kate Chastain was one of the main regulars on the show until she left the show after the seventh season.

Despite moving away from the main show, Chastain still appears in much of the additional content surrounding the Bravo-produced series.

Chastain is 38 and 31 when she first starred in season two of the main series Under Deck.

Now, the star can be seen in Bravo’s chat room and in the below deck chat, which are two of Bravo’s main talk shows.

Bravo’s chat room covers some of the biggest pop culture titles on the channel and touches on some personal experiences of its stars.

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Below Deck Galley Talk is an after-party style series where former Below Deck stars and guest celebrities comment on Below Deck’s most recent drama.

Chastain became a fan favorite of the show overnight after her debut in 2014, but she sadly decided to quit the show after seven years.

The star made the announcement on her Instagram, where she details the reasons she decided to stay on earth for the time being.

Chastain explained, “After several months of internal reflection and discussion, I have chosen to transition this year by starting to carve out a new progressive role based on the land for myself.

The star’s voice can be heard on the spinoff show Below Deck: Mediterranean, which she has been recounting since leaving the main series.

Chastain could also be back on the boat someday, with the star having recently spoken to ET Online about his future with the series.

She revealed that she was willing to return to the main series, stating that “I’m going to go back and do a season here or there for sure.

The former flight attendant explained: “I took a little break, did a little freelance stuff.

“I don’t see myself coming home full time, traveling all the time, because you can’t necessarily have a relationship.

“It’s pretty hard to have a normal life. But I’m going to go back and do a season here or there for sure.”

As of yet, there haven’t been more details on Chastain’s return to the main series, however, there are still plenty of options for fans to see the star involved in Below Deck.

Chastain continues to contribute to the spinoff series of the franchise and there is no indication that she will be straying from those series anytime soon.

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo and Netflix

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