“I had the honor of playing with Hopkins. Now I’m doing something else.”

It’s not a conclusion, it’s just a new stage in life. But for many fans, it’s bitter news. Ivano Marescotti retires from the scene, announcing it himself on social networks. He leaves the scene “like Jack Nicholson who at 73 retired from the scene (you have to have a model) to enjoy old age”. The 76-year-old actor born in Villanova di Bagnacavallo has made his decision and is closing a page of great successes to devote himself entirely to the Tam school (Teatro Accademia Marescotti) in Marina di Ravenna.

After having participated in hundreds of films (in Italy and abroad), performed in countless plays and theatrical recitals, and won important prizes and awards, the time has come for Marescotti to break with his role as an actor, as well as many years before saying goodbye, he has a safe job to dedicate himself, not without effort and sacrifice, to the world of entertainment. So we asked Marescotti himself to tell us the reasons that led him to this choice and to tell us a few anecdotes from his past.

How did you make the decision to retire?
For several years, I have been thinking about quitting, changing my life. I started playing at the age of 35, getting fired from my job at the Town Planning Office of the Municipality of Ravenna and now, in the same way, I have decided to end my playing career. actor. I have exhausted my curiosities in the field of cinema and theatre. In the last movies, I didn’t even feel very involved. The Tam School is the only thing that keeps me attached to the scenes. And after all, after youth and maturity, now comes senility, a new phase of life that I want to live happily.

Did the Covid emergency and the repercussions on the world of entertainment play a role in your decision?
This cannot be ruled out, not least because very little has been done in the past two years. In the last two years I’ve only done two films, one of them will be released this year, shooting them only in the summer, because it’s less risky. Maybe this situation made me relish a different life than the actor and made me focus on other things.

Aren’t you afraid of being nostalgic for the stage?
There is a lot of nostalgia in life. All my life that I have led produces nostalgia. Even my job as a municipal official, which I then left, produces nostalgia. Today we talk about the new master plan and I remember the 1974 plan that I worked on. But what interests me now is the life ahead of me. I had the honor of working with great directors, actors and actresses, playing the role of protagonist, antagonist and also many cameos. Now I try something else.

Looking back on your long career, what are the moments that remain indelible in your memory?
The biggest thrill I felt when I started, without even rehearsing. It was a huge emotion: it was a children’s show and I was shocked. And then I also remember with great emotion when I went to play in America, England and met legendary actors like Anthony Hopkins, Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Matt Damon… With Hopkins a friendship was also created. When I met him, I “chewed” a bit of English, but we still managed to chat a bit. He then invited me several times to lunch and we met again for the presentation of the film (Hannibal, editor’s note) in Rome. A splendid person, as well as one of the greatest actors in the world. Then in Italy I think I met at least 100 directors including films, fiction and short films. I won a silver ribbon with a short film and the other with “A casa tutti bene” by Muccino. It was fun, I have to admit, even though I felt like an undercover, because I jumped into this world almost by accident.

Is there anything you regret? A project that you could not carry out or that you did not want to carry out?
To start this career, I also had to do things that I did not like, but I did them in order to be able to move forward, taking them as an ethical and professional commitment to arrive at other projects that interested me. more. I also had a nice ass, it must be said. When I left my job at the Municipality, I went through difficult years, I was unemployed and I couldn’t find a role because I was already advanced in years for the entertainment world. But then came the satisfactions.

Is there anything you would like to say to your students and all budding actors who want to be a part of the entertainment world?
On these occasions we often say banal things like “Courage”, “Don’t give up”, “Throw your heart over the obstacle”… In my school come young professional actors and others who already have a certain age, are too advanced. for a professional career, but who want to have a cultural experience and understand something more about themselves and the characters they want to play. I really like to put young and old to work. I treat everyone like professionals. I tell them that in addition to learning to play, at the end of the trip they will also be excellent spectators and critics. I believe that is precisely one of the objectives: to become excellent qualified spectators.

What are your goals with the Tam school now?
Like every year, we are continuing our journey which, before the Covid, included a last show at the theatre. Lately, due to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to do that, so we recorded the scenes, thus throwing ourselves into the cinematic side of acting, also generating some interest.

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