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Married At First Sight UK is now in its final week, as couples’ loyalty, trust and love are put to the test. Over the past month, viewers of the Channel 4 reality show have watched every move and argument of the contestants that have unfolded. For the closing week, however, things didn’t go as planned when it comes to the transmission and here’s everything you need to know to find out if fans will still be able to watch the latest installments.

Why was Married At First Sight UK not available to watch on All 4?

Saturday evening, a technical problem in the building from which Channel 4 is transmitted resulted in the interruption of the night’s program.

Viewers have been without content on the network for several hours on all of its releases, including E4 which is home to Married At First Sight UK.

It was further explained that this had happened due to an unscheduled evacuation at the London transmission center.

Although the mistake was quickly rectified, some of the shows that aired on Sunday were still trying to iron out the difficulties.

By Monday night, almost all systems were back to normal, but those attempting to air the reality show were unable to access the content.

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Despite the last episode aired on E4 in its usual time slot, it was not possible to stream it on All 4.

The broadcaster had made fans aware of the issue by posting a statement on Twitter before the start of last week.

It said, “Tune in to E4 at 9pm for the new episode of Married at First Sight UK. Ongoing technical issues mean it will unfortunately not be available on All 4.

“We know you all love #MAFSUK as much as we do, and we’re working to get back to All 4 as soon as possible,” he continued.

Married At First Sight airing tonight in the UK?

According to the most recent TV shows, Married At First Sight UK is scheduled to continue on E4 Tuesday night.

As to whether it will be available on All 4, it has not yet been determined as no statement has yet been released by the broadcaster. has contacted a spokesperson for the show to clarify the situation.

Despite all the published statements, it has not been officially confirmed how long the issues with All 4 will last.

In one of the final episodes of the final season, viewers will watch the 16 contestants sit down for one last dinner.

Throughout the season, the dinner provided some of the most explosive scenes the show has ever had.

However, couples will be tested as the honesty box asks them uncomfortable questions that will put them in a vulnerable position.

Those who are still together at the end will be rewarded with a gift of love and a lifetime of happiness together at the end of the experience.

Married At First Sight UK airs weekday evenings at 9 p.m. on E4.

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